Sex acts caught on hidden camera.

Sex acts caught on hidden camera.
Through the thin fabric of the panties, the labia lips clearly appeared.
Inna opened her hips a little wider, as if on a platter giving an erotic panorama to her viewers.
One of them was a husband and the other a man whom she knew for a couple of hours.

Inflamed with obscene jokes and Eugene’s stories, intoxicated with wine and even more – with the charm of two pleasant men, – Inna experienced with her reckless delight some kind of viscous languor.
It was as if everything was not happening to her, everything was for the first time, and she liked all that, fascinated, frightened and simultaneously attracted.
Inna felt a pleasant feeling in the abdomen and perineum.
She even wanted to play with her knoll, which was now ready to respond to her slightest movement.
She squeezed her hips for a few seconds, and again relaxed them.
Perhaps the legs spread even slightly wider than before, to the delight of Sasha and Zhenya, who, sitting under the table, began to vividly recall some ridiculous incident.
At the same time, both without embarrassment looked at Inna’s slender legs and at her underwear.
Sasha felt a strong excitement from the erotic spectacle, receiving an amazing thrill from the understanding that his classmate also completely free from the charms of his wife.
And yet the wife decided to complete her visual-erotic spectacle – she straightened her skirt, squeezed her legs.
Sasha tried to understand what was happening to him.
Strange, but it was instigated by his friends that they devoured the body of his dear half, moreover, he was excited by the thought that they were dreaming of having it.
At the same time, he observed how his wife was changing right before his eyes: she played with men, showed herself, clearly hinting that she liked these tenacious views of the males, that she was pleased with the advances and admiration of the gentlemen.
And when almost all the time silent Valera offered a ride on a roller coaster (it was something in the park!), She gladly agreed.

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And this, too, was a complete surprise for a spouse who knew that she was afraid of this attraction.
For some reason, Inna was absolutely not surprised that she was not next to her husband, but with Valera, who had literally burned Inna with her brown eyes for two hours of sitting in a cafe.
And so they rushed, as if falling into the abyss.
Inna was in some kind of erotic euphoria.
Valera took her hand in his, and confidently, intuitively realizing that there would be no objection, he kissed the woman on the back of the head, ear, neck, back of the head.
Inna closed her eyes, experiencing an anxious and sweet feeling of the beginning of betrayal to her husband.
Unexpectedly for herself, she wanted it.
Valera put his hand on her crotch, paving the way for the very panties that Zhenya and Sasha had recently viewed with such lust.
Inna paused, realizing that they had gone far, but she did not want to stop the man at all.
Valera stroked her long legs, pulled off her gum strings, felt a mound, and with a finger penetrated Inna’s bosom.
Then, capturing all her

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juicy flesh on the five, he began with ecstasy to squeeze the labia.
At the same time, Valera’s finger rhythmically moved into Sasha’s vagina of his wife, pushing her to an unusually sharp orgasm.
For Inna, everything was again, not like with her husband.
Viciousness, admixture of adventurism, curiosity, a feeling of rapid descent and such a high-speed ascent made her heart pounding, making the perception of caress a hundred times brighter.
Yes, it was a true roller coaster.
Orgasm swept the woman to the moment when the attraction went to the finish line.
This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the scene of action, its participants and duration over time.
And, of course, for wit, there are some literary corrections.
Timur had a dream: – he flew over the city, flew without any adaptations, despising the laws of gravity.
Such dreams often occurred to him in childhood, knowledgeable people said that this was supposedly a sign of a growing organism.
As for the growth of his body, Timur doubted that he was already 25 years old, and according to all the laws of physics, any growth should have ceased.
However, Timur flew, and even in a dream he understood that this should not be due to the aforementioned reasons.
As soon as he understood this, he heard a strange sound, and he was pulled down to the ground.
The sound intensified, resembling the roar of a flying airplane, and was rapidly approaching. Sensing danger, Timur tried to look around for the source of the sound, and from this, conscious, action, he suddenly woke up. Sex acts caught on hidden camera.

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