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Then I decided to look around in the room and find some object for which it would be possible to catch on with a gag.
My search ended with the fact that I saw a nail hammered into the door jamb.
As I did not immediately notice him, I thought to myself.

On this nail, Nadia hung her jacket.
The main thing that I had enough growth to get it.
With difficulty, I moved my body to an upright position.
It was necessary to somehow get to the door.
It is good that she did not tie me to the bed, with these thoughts I stood on bound legs.
Keeping balance in such a situation was difficult for a crane, but I had the courage to make small jumps and move to the door.
Here is the cherished cant.
From fatigue and tightly tied ropes began to reduce the muscles of the legs.
In order not to fall, I leaned against the wall.
He determined the height of the hammered nail with his eye meter.
I can reach it with a gag just by standing on tiptoe.
With my legs tied, I will have one chance to cling to him and pull the gag, though – down.
After standing a little against the wall and letting my legs rest a bit, I sharply raised myself on tiptoes and lifting my face up as much as possible, caught the upper part of the gag for a saving nail.
He pulled his face down, but the cloth from which the gag was made could not stand it and fell off the nail.
Gag continued to sit firmly in my mouth wide open.
I need another try, I thought to myself.
The legs are already poorly balanced, and the gag needs to be hooked a little higher, where the rag has not yet torn. Sex and the city movie watch online youtube.

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