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The prince frowned and shook his head in despair.
– How much do I have to wait, only.
“And that’s not the point,” the merchant interrupted him, “I won’t give it to anyone.”

Yes, and I will not fail.
If he wants to marry you, bless, if not.
do not blame me, prince.
Really loved? Or agree with me about what you want? The prince took a decisive step towards the merchant and clenched his fists.
“She will have everything, silks, stones, servants.”
The princess will be.
Grief will not know.
Any desire to fulfill.
I don’t need anything from you, it would be necessary, I would have tidied up my entire artel.
And so I will not touch.
Just give me your daughter.
– As he said, let him decide.
I’ll talk to her, let him think.
And if he refuses, do not be angry, prince, such is the fate.
The prince turned around and with wide, decisive steps left the house, leaving the merchant in sadness and reverie.
In the evening, Yaroslav Andreevich was left alone with his daughter to talk.
This conversation seemed to Ace as an eternity, she was sitting on the edge of the bed in Ulyana’s room, her fingers were painfully squeezed and she prayed for the first time in her life.
When Ulyana returned, she jumped towards her and grabbed her shoulders.
– What did you answer? She blurted out.
“That I will not follow him,” said Uliana quietly, “I don’t know him, I don’t like him.”
How am I going to leave you, from the father? What will I do alone.
with him? – He will make you unhappy, Ulyana, you will be tormented, you can’t find a place for yourself.
Run him away, he is a bad man.
– The father says that he loves me, that I will be a princess, that I cannot find a better husband.
Ulyana sharply turned to her friend and looked at her with a prayer.

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– After all, someday I will marry, I will leave here.
And you too.
– You promised to think.
– almost silently whispered Asia.
At that moment, she felt that she was losing the most important thing in her life.
Anger, jealousy, resentment seized her, but only for a moment.
At that moment, she realized that she would not return what was before, that sooner or later someone else would appear between them.
As well as Ulyana, she feared that the girl would get an old ugly husband that she would suffer.
But now Asya was even more afraid, because Uliana will be sharing a bed with a young and beautiful man who can evoke love over time.
And now she will have to fight for what she was dear.
Ulyana ran up to her and hugged her.
– You know, I haven’t decided anything yet, let’s forget about him for a while, as if he had never been.
We will be only together.
Asya believed that no man in love could compare with her, with her caress and care.
She knew about the body of a friend that which she herself did not know.
And now it was vital for her to show Ulyana the whole power of her love, and more importantly, for her to understand that she cannot live without Asi.
With care and love, she listened to the thoughts of her friend about how things will be if she becomes a princess.
As Asya will always be with her, as they will sleep in the same bed again, nothing will change in their lives.
She listened to her in silence, realizing the

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absurdity of these dreams, seeing how Uliana convinces herself.
She had already imagined that her beloved body would squeeze strong male hands in her arms, how her lips would tear her moans, how she would wear in the stomach of his children.
She continued to listen until evening came, and then night.
Asya did not intend to leave her friend’s bedroom today; she, as before, helped the future princess to undress and undress herself.
She looked at her beautiful body almost with pain: a beautiful firm chest with pink nipples, a smooth belly, full hips, a triangle of golden hair between the legs.
Her beautiful slim legs were breathtaking.
“He does not deserve her,” Asya thought, putting her friend on the bed, settling between her slightly divorced hips.
“Let me show you how much I love you, trust me again,” Asya whispered, gently touching the caressing legs of Uliana.
Asya leaned toward Ulyana and pressed her lips to hers, her breasts to her breasts.
Sometimes their bellies touched, their dark hands caressed the snow-white skin of their forearms.
Ulyana was incredibly hot, malleable, her body trembling. Sex anime games online.

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