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She straightened her dress, lifting up her skirt and revealing to the young man the view of her underwear.
It seemed his cock rose even higher from this spectacle.
Smiling, she herself pushed the thin elastic of the panties to the side, revealing to him a look at the invitingly open sex lips.

It was hard to understand “wrong.”
At that moment she wanted him so much that everything floated before her eyes.
Rather, she so wanted to feel at the end of this evening, inside her penis, that this young man was incredibly lucky, because she initially did not even want to come to him.
When he finally made up his mind, she literally had a couple of frictions to warm up, so long accumulated in her groin, immediately spill over her body.
She even wanted for vulgar, for porno moaning, but she restrained herself.

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only frantically crumpled his white shirt on his back.
He, too, did not take long to wait, having finished just ten seconds after it.
Either the piquancy of the situation heated up so much his nerves, or the fantasy that painted her having sex with another girl, did everything long before this corridor.
She kissed him on the lips for a short, meaningless kiss, pulled the dress back, straightened her hairstyle, a little tangled at the back of her head and.
I just took my handbag from the sofa and went outside.
It was selfish, dishonest and the next day she was even very ashamed, but at that moment she wanted only one thing – to take a shower and sleep sweetly with satisfaction.
It has long dawned.
A midday light made its way through the gap in the curtain.

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Sergey looked at his wife with tenderness.
Her serene, calm face lay on his shoulder.
Sometimes a small mouth transformed a fleeting smile, touching and carefree, typical of all innocent creatures.
So the angel himself could smile, come down from heaven.
Sergey smiled: her face was exactly the same when last summer, lost in the woods, spent the night in a meadow in a haystack.
Then he protected her dream all night, admiring the angel.
No force in the world would have been able to force him at that moment to crush this fragile, barely blooming flower with a rough or just careless movement, to trample an angel, not to justify the confidence shown, destroying that supreme connection that had arisen between them that night.
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