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But the waves are not big, less than a meter in all.
Vaughn, between the breakwaters water is swaying, ice crumb everywhere.
And further behind the breakwaters the big ice floats.

And even further begins clean water, but there is clearly not reach.
But in the ice crumb you can try to swim.
– No, I won’t let you go to this icy mess.
Who will save you if that! In the morning there are no rescuers.
– Do not be afraid.
Look what I found in the pantry and took – inflatable nurseries for children, four pieces.
I put two on my wrists, two on my ankles, so I can’t drown.
In any case, you pull me out somehow if that.
Blow them to me, stronger.
Ode while swimsuit your orange.
– Okay.
If anything, the car has a rope, pull it out.
Hold the armlets.
Damn, the noise is from the waves.

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Wind and frost.
Those guys minus thirty today.
Let’s go home, the last time I offer.
– No, I have to try.
Vova, we did not have time to buy diving gloves and diving bots, we’ll stop by today at the sports shop, you promised.
In the meantime, I took a hank of food film from the house.
Help me to wrap my legs up to my knee and to my elbow with a wrap.
Somehow protect from icy water.
– Well damn.
Like this? – Yes, come on tighter, wrap twenty times, now tighten it with scotch tape on top, several times above the edge of the film so that it sticks to the skin and the water does not get under the film.
Everything, now hands and feet are not afraid of frost and ice, you can swim longer.
Now I’ll pull inflatable bracelets over my wrists and ankles, I’m so well inflated n they won’t slip.

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I’ll wear beach sneakers on top to move on the ice.
I will throw a dressing gown from the wind for now, then I’ll give you when I go down.
“Well, have you changed your mind?” I’m in the polar jacket is already chilling, and you are going to go out naked.
Look at what splashes from the waves fly in the air.
Immediately you will cover, and freeze in the ice.
– Well, I’ll try.
Put on the hood so as not to get wet.
Come on, let’s go out.
– Marinka! From the noise of the waves can not hear anything! Where will you go down? There are no stairs anywhere, only on that far breakwater how the pier is made, the handrails and the stairs are the descent to the water.
– I do not know.
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