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Sex cam hairy. Still! – She moaned, straining her whole body, – Suck! Suck The tongue of the girl fluttered around the nipple like a moth, increasing the circles, and the Mrs. moaned more and more.
Suddenly, Marianna sharply turned over, and the slave’s head was between her legs.
– Now suck there! – Mistress ordered in a voice like a howl of a wild beast.
Ilana felt her clit with her lips and sucked the elastic ball into her mouth.

A strong musky odor from the released lubricant hit the nose.
Marianna howled loudly, bending over with her whole body, and, grasping the girl’s head with both hands, pressed her belly even harder, spreading her legs apart.

“Put your tongue in the hole,” the hostess groaned again.
The girl plunged her tongue into the wet bosom of her Lady and began to lick it.
Her nipples are swollen, and pleasant warmth spreads down her belly.
The bosom was wet, and she suddenly felt a sweet languor, which began to spread throughout the body.
Ilana suddenly clearly remembered her first sexual intercourse with her boyfriend.

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But now there was something different, not like those first sensations, stronger and more sensual.
Suddenly, the Mistress broke out in a drawn-out moan, jerked sharply and limp, breathing deeply.
Her whole body was quickly covered with large drops of sweat.
Pulling her slave to herself, Marianna put her arm around her shoulders again and kissed her passionately lips on her wet lips.
Then she slowly began to kiss her nose, chin, cheeks, eyes.
Ilana lay quietly on the Mistress’s shoulder, forgetting her position.
To reality, it returned a globular gag, which Marianna deftly inserted into her mouth.
Tightening the strap and fastening the buckle around her neck, she pulled the slave to the floor and set her knees in front of the bed.
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