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Your lips began to rapidly approach my, and we merged into a long passionate kiss:
I saw an unambiguous picture in front of me: As was sitting on a chair, with his tongue hanging out and breathing heavily, and Medica was standing in front of him, bare-breasted.
Since I saw everything in the keyhole, I did not ask to say what happened here.

Yes, and Asa moans will not hear just completely deaf.
– Well, and how is he? – as if not knowing what happened here, I asked, – I hope the forecast is comforting? “You know, not really,” Medica answered, continuing to lick her lips, on which a couple of drops of semen were

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left, “but if you think so, he has the potential to repeat it all.”
When it came to repeating, I noticed that Aus came to himself abruptly, and began to frantically search for his tights, and at the same time to get out of the ropes.
But, either the strength was not enough, or the priority was on the trousers, Ace was never able to get out.
He only sighed from hopelessness and spread his legs wider.
I saw something white flowing from his vagina (if you can call it that), and a great idea came to my mind.

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Medica slowly began to take off all the rest of her clothes.
When she took off her pants, I noticed how much more competition Medica could make to my wife.
Her ass so beckoned, and made me undress, just to fill it to the brim.
Nobody paid me any attention until my pants fell to the floor, and did not announce themselves with the sound of fallen keys, wallet and MultiTool.
Medica turned around and looked at the pants first, and then at me.
She drew attention to my pants, namely, where was my dick.
There was seen a rather big bump, which was about to break linen, but this did not happen.
The girl (the female, if it is more convenient for you), with one glance made it clear that “the same thing awaits you as Asa.”
I took off the remnants of clothes, Medica came up to me, sat down and began to give me a blowjob.
I was not particularly excited by oral sex, so I waited until the girl had enough of my dick, then took it out of her mouth (after that, she persistently tried to take it back), lifted her from her knees, moved her fingers over her nipples.
She shuddered, as if in her place was a demon (not those demons in hell), and brought my head closer to her forms.
I hugged her (and, meanwhile, “entered” into her at full length), buried her in the chest, thus arousing her even more.
Ac watched all this and realized that they had forgotten about him.
But, this was not the case.
I remembered Asa, so when Medica was already moaning with pleasure, I slowly put her on Asa, and right on his penis.
Now it was impossible for me to approach her from behind, and even if I had unfolded her, she would be uncomfortable, so I had to fuck her into a vagina. Sex movies watch online.

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