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Now I was sitting, very excited, imagining how she was operating there with him.
Now she already began to masturbate with might and main, my cock stood with a stake, but I could not calm him down.
The guy asked me if I ever had a blowjob, but when I never cheated on my wife, and she had strict rules.

Our drink came to an end, and the young people offered to take them home, and there they would give their debt.
When we approached their house, I offered

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to take more vodka, so I did not want to let them go.
When I still meet such open people.
After all, I saw that when the guy had finished, she leaned over and licked his dick.
We went up to their apartment, the girl quickly realized the table.
We sat in the bedroom, turned on the TV, and then I had to wonder even more, the adjacent door opened and a girl came out completely naked, she had small breasts and a naked little pussy.
She sleepy passed us to the toilet, and back.
Olya explained to me that this is her own sister at a party.
It should be noted that Olya had already changed her clothes and sat in front of me in a robe barely covering her nudity.
My dick was like a stone.
We drank almost half a bottle and our tongues had already begun to move badly, just like in a dream the guy hugged his wife and unbuttoned her dressing gown, began to show me her boobs, then the navel, the dressing gown dispersed completely and I saw her pubis, completely shaved.
And he continued to continue to show her body, spread her legs, so I saw her crack with a big clitoris all wet pussy.
I couldn’t endure any more, I pulled the cock to freedom and began to jerk it off.

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Olya sat down in front of me and took it in her mouth, I didn’t wait for this and began to cum in her mouth, she sucked everything that had merged with me.
The guy, meanwhile, completely undressed and put it behind her.
My dick fell for a while, at the sight of how the guy was harshly pushing his naughty boy sharply at her, I began to rise again.
Olya was kneeling in front of me, and I just lifted her head and put it in her mouth.
I clearly saw how the dick enters the mouth and goes out, she covered her eyes and sucks him with relish.
The guy increased the tempo and finished with a scream.
He bent down to her ass and began to lick her pussy.
I went to the roof and I grabbed her by the ears, began to pull on the dick to the groin, and when I finished, I pulled her, so that the prick rested on her throat.
She coughed a little and swallowed every last drop.
I leaned back and the sofa and relaxed.
Further failure in memory, woke up at home, when I got there, I do not remember home.
Only here the dick I do not feel as if it is not, full of devastation.
There has never been such sex in my life.
She was sitting, thinking, on a bench, in the courtyard, which she had hardly found in perfect darkness, quite moonless, with a sky covered with clouds, at night.
She sat with her legs clasped and clasped back against the back of the bench.
– How could this happen? In principle, nothing has changed.
Still blowing, not a strong cool breeze.
Everyone, or almost everyone is asleep, having drunk a lot today, or rather, already yesterday, after arrival, on the occasion of the anniversary.
– She shivered chilly.
Almost nothing remained of the drunk alcohol, a slight noise in the head.
– But how? – sighing, she thought, sorting through the events.
Here she goes with a guy in the back seat of the parent car.
Father driving, mom with him.
Her boyfriend, fellow student, nineteen-year-old Misha, holding her hand and telling something.
Everyone laughs, good mood, everyone rode on the anniversary of his grandfather and grandmother.
Fifty years of marriage, they decided to celebrate the city, in the country.
Nobody expected that there will be so many guests.
Therefore, for a long time then they laid tables, asking them from their neighbors. Sex online 2018 hd.

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