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So I wanted to surrender to anyone who would be there.
In the office of Gena was not, he fussily on a huge balcony with someone intensely talking on a cell phone.
I sat right on the balcony in a chaise long spreading my legs, waiting for Gena to be able to stop his conversations and finally fuck me.

He told me one or two or three.
I was already beaming with happiness – it was easy to throw off the

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skirt and blouse and I was finally completely naked and pugnacious, as Gennady noted, put another cell phone into my vagina.
Past us through the whole huge balcony with Katerina walked, carrying a restaurant meal on a gurney.
During lunch, I didn’t even think about putting on clothes, so I prostrated before Gennady all the time completely naked and then when we jointly discussed the work of the staff of our department with him.
When Yuri suddenly entered through the balcony, he completely indifferently bent me over the chair.
And Gennady immediately recalled the commanding tone that I was obliged to immediately spread my legs very wide and with both hands move the labia apart.
Yes, for God’s sake, with joy, I was ready to pull them to the ears.
Yuri apparently thought of me all morning and put in lightning speed.
But, oh, horror, they are monotonously talking with Gennady.
I am here podmahivayu and hoarse depressed in the boobs, and they hold a speaker on the speakerphone.
Well, there is no happiness in the world, I thought when I took into my heart the most powerful streams of sperm from Yuri.
And again I was told to carefully lick the head and the whole trunk of the wonderful Yuriny huya.

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Yuri and Gena solved the tasks that Peter, who was wearing a bespectacled man, threw himself at the report this time, while I was spreading my legs wide and defiled on the conference table, dripping with semen.
At the same time, I corrected Yuri and Gennady with regard to these or other ideas.
Several times Katya loudly speaking imposed a working meeting with someone from the factory.
Gennady rejected and asked Katya to check that no one from our factory factory would accidentally break in with the non-factory guest.
Finally, I was once again bent over with boobs on the table, I immediately put my legs apart on a reflex and with wide stretched sex lips.
Gennady drove a cucumber into me and became on the whole 25cm.
the length of the drive inside me, and I still did not let go stretched sexual lips.
Yuri, meanwhile, was writing on my back.
The cucumber, as it seemed to me, was driven inside the uterus.
And again, Yuri said yes let it go to the department.
And we with Gena in two voices – so in the hall maybe someone from the factory.
Yuri waved his hand and went through his balcony to his director’s office, where the production managers had already gathered for a meeting.
Get dressed – I will have my meeting here too and announce the winner.
To wear this skirt and blouse is the same as not wearing anything, but not to go completely naked.
Already in the secretarial, Yuri turned to Kate – after 15 minutes, gather the people from me for a meeting, well, they say, you have 10 minutes to catch the secret room.
I just wanted to clarify – with whom, but Gena began to decide something there with Katerina and threw me – they know how to read – they will read.
I went to our department alone.
Well, men! No one saddles in their seats.
Volodya still shared his impressions.
And right in the center there was not a stool, but something like a pedestal of three steps and a red path from the entrance to the section to this improvised pedestal.
No one dared to come close to me.
Turned on the march of the Slav.
And as soon as I took off on a pedestal, the march of the Slav woman changed to a melody of 7-40.
Everyone began to dance and of course I did too.
Gennady was not, but Volodya commanded Raz-TWO-THREE.
And I did not resist – over the lightest blouse and canvas skirt flew (but not reach) towards Vladimir. Sex pistols filthy lucre live.

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