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Just decided to check your progress in school.
Sorry! That’s awesome! I stand in front of my beloved stepfather, who has just kept a treasured notebook, where each line is dedicated to him.
There was nothing on me except a short terry towel from under which a strip of panties was peeking.

He began his speech so ardently that he probably didn’t even notice how I appeared before him.
But having finished explaining himself, he stared at me and began to moo something inarticulate, and then completely curse: -Ah.
why are you.
what for.
what the hell are you in this form here? Walk around, seduce! I’m a man, and you are a young girl, must understand! Get dressed immediately! But at that moment his eyes contradicted his words.
Egor did not take his eyes off my chest and panties.
He wiped sweat from his forehead and jumped out of the room.
Yes, finally he paid attention to me.
And did he actually read anything in my notebook? Riddle.
So the next night.
I corresponded with my girlfriend for a long time and therefore did not sleep.
Mom was on the night shift, and Egor

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was at the birthday party of his colleague, so I spent the whole day alone.
Suddenly, the door in my room opened slightly and I felt the sharp smell of alcohol mixed with the perfume of Egor.

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-Katyush, are you sleeping? – whispered stepfather.
I held my breath.
Without waiting for an answer, Egor entered my room and slowly began to sneak in the dark to my bed.
Half a minute later, my stepfather was kneeling beside my bed and breathing hotly into my shoulder.
Oh you Yegor, you rascal! Still, I managed to read a little of my erotic fantasies and decided to please my little daughter! Meanwhile, stepfather began to cover my neck with light, sweet kisses.
From my lips broke a barely audible moan of pleasure.
I wanted him with every cell of my body, I wanted to enjoy it, and now he himself took the first step! With his fingers, Egor gently began to lift up my jersey.
He grabbed my waist with his hands and began to lick my belly, rising higher and higher.
Finally, his review presented my immense chest, which he stared at so much when I stood in front of him in a towel.
He began to crush her, and then lick my nipples swollen with excitement.
His prickly bristles tickled my body.
Passion covered me, I wanted to grab his hair, rip off his clothes, surrender to his strong hands.
but I decided to play with my stepfather.
Meanwhile, Yegor completely pulled off my blanket.
With one hand he began to climb into my wet panties, and with the other he crushed his penis.
It seems that he, too, was excited in earnest! But as soon as Yegor, with his big, hot hand, touched my sissy, his phone rang.
Damn it! He popped out of the room into the hallway like a bullet.
On some fragments of phrases, I realized that my mother was calling, and this greatly upset me, even enraged me.
I was jealous of Yegor, as my own man, and could not do anything about it.
After a couple of minutes, Egor said goodbye to his mother, barely audibly promaterilsya, dropped something, and slammed the door went into the bathroom.
Stepfather gave me another sleepless night. Sex video mp4 online.

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