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He decided to ask his sister for advice, and together they considered all possibilities and, it seemed, also did not find a suitable way out when Natasha said thoughtfully: Do you know, because our club has a private fitness center and is not far away.
Wow, – Lesha was surprised, – a whole center of its own.
Of course, it is not so big, just a two-story building.

On the first minibar and something like a living room, several sofas, a table.
To be able to sit and relax.
And on the second, in fact, the gym itself, fitness equipment, exercise rooms and locker rooms.
Should I talk so you can go there? Will it be normal? – asked the boy.
– You have a private club, and I am a stranger, I do not know anyone there.
Don’t worry, cat, – the sister smiled and kissed Lesha on the cheek.
“You’re my brother, that’s enough.”
There even other men go.
True, they have to fulfill certain conditions, but it is not at all difficult.
What conditions? This is the center of the women’s club, domination lovers go there, you know. Sex webcam submissive.

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