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At the end of everything, we were knelt by kneeling.
The guys then poured for a long time in admiration for us and begging for more.
I must say that they dragged us up to their very departure.

Including in our home and in your barracks, even in the toilets.
But so that, in full, only once again before his departure.
Probably they told you about us in the academy and all the subsequent groups of interns cadets in the very first days found us and we became their sex toys.
Do I have to say that the story of my wife led me most of all, as the interns of my company once fucked my wife in the toilet of my barracks in front of the soldiers.
Now the bell will ring and the third couple will end, as always I am sitting in my favorite place – this is the third desk closer to the window, my girlfriend has been away for some days for some unknown reason, and therefore I had no one to go to the beach today, of course , I could take with me someone from the boyfriends, but unfortunately I have long since been overused, I do not like long relationships, because in the end they begin to oblige.

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Yeah, here’s the long-awaited call, something I don’t want to be dragged to the fourth pair after the break, it’s better to go to the computer class and have some fun for some idiotic toy.
I go into a small room behind which a couple of computers in the corner were free, I just thought no one would bother, and suddenly lucky and Eugene would not come.
Zhenya is my former boy, but he still cannot get used to the fact that I have crossed him out of my list, so he gets underfoot, and I have not yet had time to look after the new one.
Well, I loaded Heroes 3, I sit quietly for myself, I short the time, and then I look, an unknown boy will come in and sit next to me at the computer.
– Not busy, he asks. – No, that was my answer. He turns it on and loads exactly the same toy as mine.

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I thought he was a boy, and I decided to start to get to know him better.
– Listen, maybe we can play together with one computer, because the two of us are more interesting. To which my boy nods his head and sits closer to me.
During the game, I only did what staring at him, what a boy! Imagine a tall, blue-eyed blond with curly hair, a small nose, and ripe pink lips, I don’t know how I was able to hold out so as not to kiss him right away.
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