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All the guests literally devoured me with their hungry eyes, they could not wait to get hold of me as soon as possible.
Zaur closed the door behind the last one and brought me to the center of the room.
I already simply burned from the desire and anticipation that I would have about a dozen strong Caucasian members.

Zaur pulled me to his back and, grabbing the edges of my blouse, began to push them apart.
Of course, my blouse immediately exploded under the pressure of his hands.
Come on, show me how you can suck! – my lord turned to me.
I gracefully squatted and began to unbutton the pants fly Zaur.
With my eyes I managed to find Slavik – I was irresistibly drawn to look into his eyes.
Now he had to see how a crowd of Caucasians will have his beloved girl in front of his eyes.
Having enlisted the attention of my toy, I freed the Zaurovsky giant from the trousers and began to suck greedily.
I generously processed the head with my tongue, then quickly swallowed it almost the entire length – during the trip I tried all kinds of blowjob and now I could reproduce them so that Zaur began to moan with pleasure.
The rest of those present slowly began to get out of his pants members and podrachivat.

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Very soon, Zaur began to move towards my mouth and in a moment began to stop.
I swallowed his cum and licked my lips.
Come on, fly! – Zaur ordered everyone else, and our guests immediately surrounded me, bending over with cancer.
One of Zaur’s brothers, Ahmed, thrust his dick into my pussy that had been flowing since my arrival.
Another one, a friend of Zaur’s family, came up to me in the front, and I instinctively took a member in my hands and wrapped my arms around it with my lips.
At that moment, Zaur, lounging in his chair and watching the process, called the numb Slava to him and ordered him to kneel.
Well, do you like how guys fuck this Shmara? Do you love her? – Said Zaur, turning the Glory to face me.
– My head hung down, my baby answered.
But she is fucking davalka, hoyoska! Look how she squirms! – did not let up Zaur.
He knew that Slava is a devoted boy, he loves his girlfriend, and he wants her very much, judging by his bristling pants.
Would you like to fuck her right now? So that she sucks you as much as I do? –

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in a roguish smile Zaur? Yes! Would love to! – Slavik’s extinct and numb look glistened.
He had long forgotten that he was forbidden to even try to have sex with me.
At that moment, he looked at Zaur, as a savior with his devoted eyes – after all, he so wanted to come back again after a few months at least once.
Then prove your love to her! – Said Zaur and ordered Slava to lick the soles of my shoes and kiss the little boats.
At this moment, Ahmed took me very hard, moving with powerful and unhurried jolts, penetrating deeply into my alluring cave, and slapping his stomach on my smooth ass. Spy cam nude wife.

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