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“I’ll be right back,” she warned, and disappeared behind a small screen in the back of the room.
Ilana was on her knees with her hands tied and her mouth shut, but she seemed not to notice this anymore.
The girl was still under the magical power of the sensations just experienced.

Marianna returned in a couple of minutes, holding in her hand a long white plastic member that was one and a half times thicker than those plugs that the slave inserted every day.
Belts were attached to this monster, the purpose of which Ilana understood only when the Mistress attached a member to them under her belly.

Placing the girl on her bed, Mrs. said quietly: “Now I will be a little boy.”
A thick slippery count pushed apart the labia of a slave and slipped inside, filling his entire bosom, rested against the wall of the vagina and froze for a moment.
Marianna firmly squeezed the buttocks of her mistress and began to move slowly, forcing the member to dive into the wet vagina.
Ilana again felt the pleasant warmth and began to moan softly, spontaneously moving towards this monster.

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Mistress movements.
began to become more frequent, and the slave became more energetic podmahivat, catching a member and releasing it.
Suddenly, her whole body shuddered and shook, a low moan escaped from her chest, and the girl collapsed on the bed.
– Liked? – Marianna slowly took out her penis and slapped them a couple of times over the arch of her slave’s buttocks, – And now we will check your ass.
Hearing this, Ilana shook her head and shook her head, frantically moaning, but the huge member was already furiously pushing the anus apart, breaking into the depths of the rectum.
Mrs. “pumped” his victim, not paying attention to the loud moans of a slave.
Having driven a member a few more times, Marianne took pity and, without haste, pulled this stake out of the slave’s anus that had turned red.
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