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Seryoga and I attacked our women like maniacs.
For some time, except for noisy sighs and the rustle of blankets, nothing was heard.
But it was dark and cramped.

Several times I hit my foot or my elbow on one of our neighbors.
We were also hurt in return.
When, finally, someone stepped on me, we realized that we need to somehow streamline our actions.
Seryoga and I crawled on the way out, so that the girls would prepare a bridgehead, and at the same time, have a smoke.
Vika stuck her head out and told us not to turn on the flashlight, not to light the lighters, what was waiting for us a surprise – a guessing game.
In a sense, who knows and who will get it !! Like this.
I don’t know if I would be sober, would we play this game or not? Teen twinks web cam sex tube.

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