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I have seen this festival in various films.
Girls wear beautiful yukata, similar to dresses, and generally look charming.
I really arrived very on time.

Do you have a yukata?) I asked.
(I bought it.
the last week).
– She replied clumsily.
Just thirst) – I replied.
The compliment made her blush.
There was silence for a few seconds.
Are you tired.
I wanted to lie down and think about what I would do next.
As we climbed the stairs to the second floor of the house, I watched the beautiful legs of Natsumi, who walked in front.
They drove me crazy, like all of her.
I was seized by an unbridled desire to bend over and kiss the ankles of this eastern princess.
Natsumi fingered her legs, enchanting my eyes.
After taking me to the door, she said good night to me.
The door of her room was opposite mine.
– I said after she left, her hips.

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I saw this girl six months later and again fell into prostration.
It seemed to me that I was ready for anything for her.
I’m not ready to just chat.
I want to touch her lips, her shoulders, feel her breath.
And I definitely want to master it completely, without a trace.
The next day, when we walked through the park, Natsumi, seeing something in the distance, quickly dragged me there.
She led me by the hand to some strange booth that looked like a telephone booth.
As it turned out, this is a photo booth.
You go inside, throw a coin, the camera takes pictures of you, and you immediately get a photo.
The greatest invention of the Japanese.
And the main thing is that while you are inside, nobody sees you.
Natsumi wanted to take a couple of photos and I, of course, agreed.

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I did not immediately understand where the camera was, I looked around and the photo did not work out.
But I was not up to the photo.
It was a great, private place, and I was ready to take the first step.
I gently hugged Natsumi from behind, and she looked at me slightly surprised, obviously not expecting it.
Without hesitation, I touched her lips to her lips.
Such a long-awaited tender kiss lifted me to the seventh heaven.
The fact that she did not push me away or resist me even more pleased.
I could get a refusal, and this trip would turn into hell for me, but it turned out that this moment was the best in my life.
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