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Raised waves beat against your chest, about our bodies.
Your nails stuck into my back.
Hands squeezed her.

Then you dropped your hands to my buttocks.
Putting their claws already there.
This went on until we finished.
Water treatments are over.
We were pleased and even happy, no matter what.
Fear subsided, but twilight set in.
“Where will it be? Where will we meet them? We will die.
“- you did not want to say the last word.
“I don’t know, but where would you like and how?” I answered.
“I don’t know, but I want these scum to see us, see our love, see everything!”
“Then on the square, there is a lot of light there, they will go there slowly until it gets dark at all.
We will have time until the end of the sunset. ”
It was necessary to gather, the time was right.
In the house I found a bottle of wine, took a rug, our bag.
You got dressed.
You were more beautiful than ever.
Hair developed, you smiled such a clean and sincere smile.
We came to the square.
I laid the blanket right on the asphalt, lumped firewood and made four fires.
We sat on the blanket and waited for twilight to begin.
We drank wine from the throat and talked.
They remembered friends, baited them, laughed, recalled and recalled.
They remembered a world that is no more and never will be.
Alcohol was in the head, adrenaline and fear.
going off scale.
Fun and laughter were replaced by melancholy and sadness.
I hugged you, you laid your head on me.
For some time we looked at the sky, at everything around us, in silence, trying to either understand something, or remember, but most likely, say goodbye.

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I leaned over your lips and began to kiss you.
You closed your eyes.
I closed it too.
The last day is coming to an end.
I unzipped your jacket and put my hand in it, gently feeling your side.
Through the cloth, skin and flesh, feeling the ribs and your heavy breathing.
My hand slipped under your shirt, holding you by the side under your breasts.
You hugged me tightly, and then began to take off my jacket, without tearing our merged lips, without opening our eyes, we removed the skin of the jackets from each other, remaining in T-shirts.
I pulled off your shirt and threw it on the rug.
You opened your eyes and quietly sighed.
The sun was setting and small, barely discernible silhouettes of creatures appeared on the horizon, but they are still far away, we still have time.
Your chest looked at me with protruding nipples, I took off my T-shirt, took it

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with both hands and began to kiss, massaging my chest hard.
Your body was getting hot.
I felt it.
Your hands drove over my back, neck, hair, absolutely chaotic.
I looked at your face, I saw the desire and fear in your eyes.
Hardly anyone in the world has ever experienced anything like what we experienced.
I kissed your belly, and with my hands I clad my jeans.
You had to relax, fear overcame you, you were constrained.
In the wake of the jeans in the direction of flying and panties.
You waited, waited, when I would do it, when I touched you with my tongue, and excitement would be overcome by fear.
Your chest heaved, you caressed your body, but your eyes did not move from one point, you looked at the sky.
With my fingers I slightly parted your lips and with a wet tip of your tongue touched the clitoris and immediately removed the tongue, you started.
I touched it again, you shuddered again.
I did this several times, each time reducing the time between touches.
You shuddered, continuing to caress your body and chest with your hands.
Finally, I did not tear myself away, but gently stroked your clitoris with your tongue.
You began to quietly moan softly.
I felt how you open up, how your body calms down, surrendering to my power and falling into bliss.
Fear began to leave your cells, giving way to arousal.
You put your hand on my head, directing my movements.
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