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and dreamed about it.
I understood that I was married and nothing could be between us.
That I live in one city, he is in another.

that we will never be together.
Yes, maybe he never wanted to have something between us, but just chatting with me for nothing to do.
I wrote about what interests me, about the music that I listen to.
she just chatted with him, and then went to the bedroom, lay down on the wide bed, covered her eyes.
spread her legs wide.
I did not even caress myself and imagined.
how he is my dream.
lies between my legs on me.
how he kisses my neck.
and I stroke my hands on his head.
I dreamed not about sex, but about love.
with a man whom I hardly knew, he entered into my dreams.
in my dreams in my desires.
I’m a guy, I’m 23 and my name is.
so it does not matter.

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80 height, 80 weight, athletic build, hair dark brown, a member of 17 centimeters.
Wife 1.
65, 90-60-90 or so, rather a little less, a beautiful face, long straight dark hair, 42 kg of weight, 2 chest size.
Outwardly, we are absolutely ordinary couple.
And we are really all good.
So why am I writing? I adore sex.
Since childhood, I was not indifferent to this topic.
Having opened, it seems at 12 years old, the wonders of masturbation, I selflessly indulged in this activity.
I was interested in pornography, and it seems that I reviewed everything.
True, I am interested in the unusual, unexplored earlier.
But in terms of porn it is already difficult to surprise me.
I searched for everything that I had not seen before, and found it.
Thanks, of course, the internet.

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With the exception of outright rubbish, which is disgusting even completely moved to sex, there are no impossible things for me.
I will not even list, you will see everything further.
And I love different experiments.
I am the opposite of my wife.
She loves the classics, blowjob.
Cunnilingus is not very, and believe me, not because I do not work well with the language, it has been verified.
She is not particularly dependent on sex, but rather I’ve been climbing the wall, if there was no contact for half a day, and she is satisfied once or twice a week.
Guess what I’m doing? That’s right, like in the “good old days”, handmade.
I don’t need other women.
Of course, she sees everything.
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