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After all, if the director will know that you are capable of much, then accordingly you will be in demand.
“- a soothing tone explained the“ nurse ”.
These words calmed me down a bit, and I tried to distract myself from my situation as far as was possible in my position.

Something incomprehensible started.
Unfortunately, nothing could be seen because of this stupid septum in front of my face! Having swabbed a region of the heart with a liquid on my naked chest, she put a sucker there, apparently needed to remove the potentials arising from the heartbeat.

From the amplifier, you could hear heartbeat squeaks characteristic of medical operations on the heart, which filled the silence of the room.
Now, as soon as I was a little worried, there were heard the increasing frequency of the tonal recorder of the pulse for the whole room.
The unexpected thing was this: I felt the warm moisture from touching something wet to my genitals, began to drip down the scrotum.
in the gluteal fold, causing a pleasant tickling.

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Then, at the root of the penis, towards the pubis, it began to slide, something resembling a razor !!! I felt, so well known to every shaving man, the crackle of shaved hairs under a sharp blade.
– “Oh my God! I am completely deprived of such pretty vegetation in the crotch and abdomen !!! ”-“ Oh! Tickling !!! ”- this razor slides easily over unprotected eggs.
I instinctively pull back, but my arms and legs are tightly tied with straps to the table.
We have to endure and grimace.
It’s good that this is not visible because of the screen that is blocking me and my face from this nurse.
it is finished.
– only an unusual chill on freshly shaved skin.
A very unusual feeling – probably all my charms are now glistening like a first grader !!!
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