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Razzaz itself about what a continuation of my childhood passion for inserting objects in the ass.
Sometimes it was very rare to get a deodorant or a bottle into my ass, but it was all quite difficult since I didn’t have my own apartment and I did it only when there was no one.
Tolchek to the development of the theme of stretching the anus gave my wife.

Already then I had already clearly defined my soulmate, the wedding was already scheduled, and I thought that there should be no secrets from my wife.
He told her about his childhood hobbies, about sex with his brother and about the fact that sometimes I like to stimulate myself with all sorts of things, as an example showed how I can put a deodorant into my ass.
Of course, I hoped for understanding, but I didn’t even expect that my recognition would cause such a reaction, namely, my wife was immediately excited, and offered to insert my hand in my ass.
Of course, I thought that it was unlikely to work out – I saw the truth in the internet a couple of photos where the girl inserts a man’s hand in the ass, but I never thought that I would be such a happy man that my own wife would not mind it.
We quickly found whether the cream was either butter and with a well-smeared hand tried to do it.
Honestly, I didn’t think it would work out the first time, but apparently the practice with a balon-cream deodorant which is 4 centimeters in diameter had an effect, and after some effort it turned out.
What unforgettable feelings I tell you – I have never experienced anything like that.

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At the same time, not only physiologically stimulating the prostate gives pleasant sensations – but also psychologically that “I get my hand fucked in the ass” – this very phrase brings my penis into a state of readiness and my excitement increases to the limit.
In general, I really liked the idea of ??my wife, but I didn’t really like the fact that the hand was still tight and I decided that I had to stretch the anus so that the hand would pass easily and so that we could do it without any problems and preparation.
I have never heard anything on this topic before – I saw a couple of pictures and that’s it.
First of all, I was certainly interested whether it was dangerous, how to do it at all, whether I would have problems with incontinence, and so on.
It turned out that as in any business, if you do everything correctly, there will be no problems – there are two most typical problems that lead to really serious problems – 1) if you try to stuff something very big without training you can damage both muscles and damage the nerve endings.
2) you should not push very long objects in your ass, because there is still no high in there (there are no nerve endings there) and it is very easy to damage the rectum.
It gives a direct stimulation of the prostate for men, which gives just indescribable sensations and delays as a narcotic, and is completely inconceivable homo or hetero – often even doctors recommend any man to stimulate the prostate to prevent many diseases.
It is clear that having set myself a clear goal,

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I began to gradually achieve it.
Training the holes 1-2 times a week gave their results – after 2 months of training, I extended the hole by another 2 cm in diameter and was able to insert a mayonnaise jar (but with great difficulty).
It was all on the eve of the new year 2004 and we decided to celebrate the new year in a special way – there is a saying – “how to celebrate the new year, so you will spend it.”
So, my wife and I decided to conduct an experiment if it’s true – at 12.
00 we were standing with glasses of champagne, in my ass I had a stimulating mayonnaise jar and my dick was in my spouse’s mouth. Webcam anal sex videos.

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