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Two-room suite pleased with a fresh renovation and very decent furniture for hotels.
Tengiz turned on the quiet music, from the lighting left only a floor lamp.
We talked, but there was some kind of slight nervousness: no one dared go to the point.

Then Tengiz with a confident gesture, but respectfully, lifted me up to my elbow, put a five thousand bill into my hand and said: – Listen, dear, go to the night shop, buy a bottle of brandy to your taste, otherwise we will soon fall asleep from this champagne.
Far from being a poor man, I automatically took a bill and went to my shoes, babbling something like: “But the store is far from here, about twenty minutes one way.
– It’s okay, you do not hurry.
We will be here, not going anywhere.
Really, Katya? “True,” my wife replied, not in her own voice, as if she were under hypnosis.
I returned about forty minutes later with two bottles of “Ararat” and some kind of snack.
Suddenly, I was detained at the reception desk: – Where are you going? “I am with my wife,” I replied, and I realized that I was stupid.
– What is the name of the wife? – strictly asked the female administrator.
– Yes, it does not matter what her surname.
The room is filmed by our friend, their name is Tengiz.
“And is she there at night with your friend?” – the woman grinned, – Well, and what is the last name of your friend? I had no idea how his last name was, but I didn’t want to argue with the administrator.
I thrust a thousandth note to her, she continued to grumble without changing her expression, but without aggression: “You make up your wives, and the prostitutes themselves are dragged into the rooms, then you don’t wash the sheets.”
Having passed the administrator cordon, I took the elevator to the right floor, walked over to the room and knocked. Webcam sex video mp4.

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