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What is live jasmine.
But she was wrong.
I brought her to the shore of the lake, thickly overgrown with weeping willows.
Once we sunbathed here, and I remember this place.

Coming out of the car, I told her to do the same.
Larisa obeyed.
I noticed that the uncertainty aroused her not badly, her eyes were dull and weakly rolled, and her bare arms trembled slightly.
“Cut the willow twigs,” I said, holding out my penknife.
– Choose a longer and thicker.
Her eyes flashed so familiar to me with fire.
Placing her hands on my shoulders, Larisa dug into my lips with such a sweet and long kiss that I felt dizzy.
When the sky and the earth stopped their rotation a bit, I saw my obedient wife move away towards the nearest willow.
She looked amazing in her short skirt, iridescent with gold, and a black T-shirt, leaving open part of the back, shoulders and arms.
I felt my best friend share my delight.
Larisa meanwhile diligently cut willow rods.
Some of them were too high, but I did not help her, and her slender figure loomed among the trees for a long time, jumping up and down with an effort to reach them.
Finally she returned, carrying an armful.
Her pretty face was flushed with effort and (I was sure of that) – presentiments of a rich evening.

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I laid out the bars brought to her on the hood of the car and carefully examined.
There were about a hundred of them, and almost all of them were more than a meter long and rather thick.
Nodding approvingly, I loaded them into the trunk and we drove home.
There, I told Larissa to take a hot shower in order to properly steam the skin, and then put on my smart (it’s evening) sexy underwear, take a knife and carefully clean the twigs from the leaves and twigs that I selected.
I had no idea how quickly they dried up, so I selected a couple of dozens of the best.
Larissa settled on the couch between the

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two pillows and went to work.
I squinted at her.
Biting the lower sponge, she diligently worked like an exemplary schoolgirl.
But she finished and looked at me.
In the meantime, I changed into my favorite spacious leather executor pants with a minimum of buckles, in which I usually went to the orgy and lovingly stroked the first long flexible rod, so carefully prepared by my beloved.
With a nod of my head, I pointed out to her our penitentiary, nicknamed with my light (or heavy?) Armrest.
Larisa sighed and resignedly lay down on an inclined board, spreading her arms and legs apart.
I fixed her head in a steel collar, and my hands in the clips.
Now Larisa was completely helpless.
I ran my hand over the smooth skin of her back and unbuttoned the transparent combination along the way, then continued the journey further, hooking my panties and pulling them down the slender legs.
Having lost the last stronghold of protection, Larissa chilly shifted from foot to foot, but I inexorably spread them to the sides and also tightly fixed. What is live jasmine.

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