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I see that you need to finish.
Let’s try to do it like this.
– she bent down, sticking up her big, smooth, sexy ass, and began to jerk a member with both hands, caressing the head with the tongue and lips: – Stop as soon as you want: – I heard her words and felt how she was trying to clasp her lips wholly.

– From such a turn of events I almost did not demolish the tower.
I felt that the heat spreads all over my body, a shiver begins and an orgasm somewhere very close.

I began to move my pelvis, in time with its movements and could not stand it – the discharge hit me like an avalanche and at the same time tore me apart from the inside.
The member stiffened like a stone and gave out such a powerful jet of seminal fluid that it hit the wall of the shower and splashed around the walls.
“Wow,” Katya managed to speak, “and her mouth bit into the tip of the head, sucking the remnants of unperformed sperm:“ Tasty, very tasty.
I like::, – she turned her back to me, spread her legs wider, bent down a little and rested her hands on the wall.

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The view was amazing, there was nothing on it except rubber shower slippers.
Slippers had a small heel, which made her legs even slimmer and sexier.
The ass was extraordinarily beautiful and looked so exciting that it was impossible to look at it without doing anything.
– Give my mustang, enter into me:: just do it slowly, the filly should get used to the size of your member, I hope I can take it in myself.
Come to me soon.
I have such a heat from one of your kind.
It never happened.
Having moved my head over the genital lips, I slowly sent my giant forward, but I didn’t succeed right away.
– too narrow a hole.
“Try again,” Katyusha whispered and spread her legs even wider: Having collected more lubricant with the head, I pressed harder, helping with my hand, “and felt the head squeezed from all sides in a narrow tunnel.
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