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But after the first 5 minutes, Natalia impatiently so that she did not know what to do.
His stomach rumbled loudly and the whole class could hear it.
In addition, she could not sit quietly and began to fidget.

Soon, the guys realized what her problem was and began to giggle quietly.
Their teacher wants to crap, it was very interesting, they themselves made pants in the past, but teachers were never seen in such a critical situation.
Natasha felt very ashamed, but she wanted to go to the toilet even more, she was tearing off the bottom to the full, it began to seem to her that she would now have to pay the full amount.
She no longer told the material, but simply dictated, but even that was difficult.
Natasha looked at her watch, it took only 15 minutes.
A panic swept over her: I couldn’t tolerate it, I’ll crap in front of the class.
After another 5 minutes, Natalya understood that she could no longer dictate the material and decided to give the students the task to read it from the textbook themselves.
After that, she felt a little easier, now she could sit quietly on a chair and fidget when she pressed strongly.
So it took another 10 minutes.
Before the change was 15 minutes.
Natalia Stepanovna started very strong attacks.
After the next, she jumped at the knee and very much fidgeted, the students all giggled softly, realizing what was happening.
After that, the strong attacks began to repeat with a very enviable regularity, the rumbling in the stomach became very loud.
Natalia is already not paying attention frankly strongly fidgeted. Www sex cam.

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