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Lit only neon lights, configured for minimal illumination.
In order to somehow defuse the situation, Oksana took off her sneakers the fastest and said: “I will go make us a cocktail” and ran to the kitchen.
Without looking up, I looked at Sergey’s member, bulging out of shorts.

It was a dream.
She was so close that I didn’t hold back and knelt down, put my shorts down and saw the dick.
Sergey, like Oksana, was without panties, his member was 20 centimeters in length, due to the fact that he was excited, his head became bare and was covered in grease.
I felt the smell of a man, the smell of an excited man.
Everything was shaved smoothly: both the testicles, and the pubis, and the penis itself, and the crotch: I was on my knees and looked, looked and understood that now it would happen, as I felt that someone from behind took my head and confidently moves her towards this giant. Adult cam to cam sex.

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