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I’ll give you a couple of tips, and if you really want to change something in your relationship with your wife for the better, just follow them, no questions asked.
– You intrigued me, I listen.
– Tell her about me.

– In what sense? This is a medical secret.
– And do not need names.
You just tell me about my case, sort of like talking about work.
Show your notes, let her listen to the stories.
– But how does that help? I do not understand.
– And everything is simple.
You got it too easy.
She is beautiful, and you are a kind self-confident.
She can easily throw you ten times and return you back, and I am sure you will return.
No offense, Doc, but it’s true, I see.
She is not interested in you.
And having heard the story about me, she will feel.
prick of pride.
Decides that an incomprehensible whore, like me, is spinning around her devoted husband.

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Let and under the guise of the patient.
Well, this is what she decides, I am really a patient, not a whore.
It touches her, and she will show interest.
If you do everything as it should be – I give a guarantee that tomorrow you will come to work with a contented look and empty eggs.
– I still can not understand why you decided that it would be that way? – I frowned at that moment, it was unpleasant for me to hear about myself and my wife about it.
I thought that we have love, without reservation, without unnecessary games.
– Do you know that the cult of the phallus flourished in the southern countries? When women in the family respect the man in the house.
The breadwinner.
The phallus of a man personifies power.
If a man is malleable, a woman will not respect him.

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A malleable man is like a flaccid penis, such a penis no girl wants to “fuck” it.
This is the law.
– Yes, I heard about this.
What are you driving at? I am not a mattress.
And this is some kind of barbarism, because we live in the modern world.
If I start to show her that I am a dork, knock on the table, spit on her opinion – I, most likely, will be alone.
– I know that I am not a pallet, but you are not the main one.
Most likely, you have an affiliate relationship with your wife, your opinion is disputed.
To give a woman freedom is normal.
It is also pointless to oppress, I do not ask you to become a tyrant and chauvinist, all the more you do not need to beat your fist on the table.
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