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She began to move forward and moan loudly.
Pussy I got up, it was very nice and unusual.
HER tits lay on my back and excited nipples crawled and caressed my body.

Aunt Lyuba stuck her hand into my crotch

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and, holding the head of the pussy tightly, jerked me off.
From the feelings that swept over me, from the clitoris in the anus, the hands of Aunt Lyuba on the penis, I began to cum and with me she too, leaning heavily on me.
We lay down on the bed and Aunt Lyuba was sucking on my pussy from sperm: – I was very good, your ass is lovely, she is even better than my daughter: – I didn’t understand: – I was widowed for a long time, and my daughter divorced, so we we “help” each other – she also has a very big clitoris, like her granddaughter: – Do you also like your granddaughter to your games? – Not only the granddaughter – the grandson, too: I was simply stunned by her revelations and asked to tell how they “have” sex with her family.
– Listen, and if you want, I will invite them now to them here and you yourself will see everything? In my opinion, in my place, no one would have refused – and I gladly agreed.
Aunt Lyuba went to the phone and dialed the number, she said softly and I heard almost nothing: When she finished talking, she lay down on my bed again and took her pussy: – All is well, they will be there soon, and we need to rest and get dressed, my grandchildren I have never seen a big dick, let’s not let them so “amaze” them so much: We got out of bed, went into the shower and got dressed.

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And after a short wait, the doorbell rang.
Aunt Lyuba went to open, and I, in the liquidation of something forbidden, remained sitting in the kitchen.
In the hallway you could hear cheerful voices, and the whole company entered the kitchen together.
We started to get acquainted: Aunt Lyuba’s daughter was called Natasha — she was tall (even taller than me, and I have 1 m 78 cm) full woman.
Her breasts were huge, as well as the priest.
But it looked proportionally, there was almost no belly.
It could be called beautiful – large eyes with thick eyelashes, large, swollen, sensual lips, a delicate white neck.
In appearance, she could have been given 25-25 years old, but Aunt Lyuba told me before that she was 32.
Granddaughter’s name was Oksana.
It was the beauty of thirteen years old with small breasts, a beautiful mouth like that of a mother, and a round, rather bulging ass.
And finally, the grandson of Aunt Lyuba is Sergei, 11 years old.
Chubby handsome boy with chubby buttocks in shorts.
We all sat down together at the table and began to eat: The second bottle of cognac went in the course, followed by the third, and they poured it to the children too (of course, with the permission of the grandmother and mother) We smoothly moved to the room, where we continued our fun at the coffee table.
Aunt Lyuba served coffee with sweets and juice.
We drank cognac and it was obvious that the children, like their mother, were already a bit tipsy: And then Aunt Lyuba offered to play cards: on desire.
The conditions were such that the loser fulfills the wishes of the others, and the wishes must be of an erotic nature.
And so, the game has begun.
The first loser was the granddaughter Oksana.
Aunt Lyuba ordered her to kiss her nipple, which she pulled out of her robe.
The girl was very embarrassed, but went to her grandmother and kissed her big nipple a little sucking him with her full lips.
The desire of the mother was to show the breast.
The girl, blushing, raised her T-shirt, and we saw two round, firm breasts with rather large nipples. Aliannakiss model bongacams.

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