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Annie may bongacams.
Last time, Misha was delighted with my

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wet ass.
Over all this, put on jeans, a jacket with long sleeves – and I am ready to go to a meeting.
After two weeks without a member of my man in the ass, I was all in a sweet anticipation.

All the way I imagined how long and sweet our meeting would be.
Finally, I came in, took the elevator and rang the doorbell.
After 30 seconds, Misha revealed to me.
He looked surprised and not very pleased.
“He came,” he said, “what, did you miss an ass without fucking? I tried not to pay attention and be affectionate.”
“Hello, Misha, I missed you very much!” There was a second pause for two seconds.
It seemed that Misha was thinking about something else.
Finally, he answered – Come on, come on.
I’m in a hurry a little, I have things to do in the evening again, but I’m going to frolic with you a bit He slapped my ass and passion and desire rolled me over my head.
I ran into the room and quickly took off my sweater and jeans, having remained in my fagful appearance.
“Ohhh, well prepared, bitch,” said Misha, “let’s get to the table.” That was one of Misha’s favorite poses.
I stood at the table, put my foot on it and slightly curved forward.
Usually we didn’t start with it, but we’ve finished it! Something new, I thought, for sure Misha, too, was terribly bored.
I obediently became in a pose in which my hole was well accessible from behind.
Misha, ran his hands along my body, polapal my plump tits, then lowered his hands to the ass and slightly massaged the buttocks.
Then he took a prezik next to the shelf, put it on and poured greasy oil on his dick.

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– I’ll suck your delicious dick then, yes, honey? – I asked, “Aha,” MishaI answered. Now, his oiled penis in a prezike touches my hole.
I hardly make him easier to enter and the ass did not immediately hurt.
And now, his dick is inside! Misha immediately began to intensively fuck my ass.
“Ohhhhh yeah!” I uttered the sound, “Ohhh, how did I miss? Come on, sit down, fagot,” growled Misha. The ass was sweet, sweet! For almost a year of anal sex, my hole pretty stretched out and I began to have fun many times more than at the beginning.
Silicone grease inside also helped – Misha’s big dick walked like clockwork.
I enjoyed every second fuck.
Misha fucked my anal hole hard and fast.
I continued to moan and sob from pleasure, in my head it was all in a fog.
And then the unexpected happened.
Misha finished.
He abruptly plunged his dick into my hole, stopped and jerked several times.
It’s probably just two minutes since our sex started.
Without warning, changing poses and screaming.
I tried to play along: “Oooooh, how good, how sweet I finished in my ass, Misha,” I whispered in secret, hoping that his powers would quickly recover.
– Yes, well leaked! – answered Misha.
He removed the prezik from his penis and immediately went to the bathroom. “I told you that I was in a hurry,” he added, and continued, “I meet at work tonight and have something else to do.
I’m sorry that quickly, then somehow we will call each other and meet again.
I was so shocked that I could not speak.
Two minutes of sex, almost without affection, without attention – and everything? And I waited for this for two weeks? And he didn’t even jerk off my dick, so I could even finish it? And this “somehow get on the phone?” Resentment and outrage simply overwhelmed me.
I wanted to say so much and there were no words at all.
“Come on, get ready,” added Misha as he left the bath, “are you going to the shower?” He asked. These words sounded like a verdict.
He fucked and let down in my ass and now wants to get rid of me.
Probably found a woman and goes on a date with her, I thought.
And I decided not to miss the opportunity to quickly finish in me! ”“ No, I will go this way today, ”I answered quickly.
He pulled on his sticky feet on his wet from the grease ass his jeans, put on a jacket and sandals. Annie may bongacams.

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