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We lived there for several years.
Then they ended up with their mother in Frankfurt.
I worked after university wherever I was invited, I have a rare specialization.

And your father did not come back with you and mom? – I asked, considering the night sky.
The stars today were unusually close overhead.
Sad story.
My father died when the base was bombed.
Mom raised me alone.
Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know, I mumbled confused.
“It’s okay,” Max said softly.
– You could not know.
Tell me better, Girl from Russia, how do you live here? Fine.
Here only.
– I hesitated.
Do not complain to him about the deputy.
And it is not clear what relationship they are in.
I ventured to ask: Have you been friends with my boss for a long time? Be friends.
Yes, how to say, old friends, overlap in work.
Does he get you, yes? The question took me by surprise.
I kept silent.
He understood everything.
Finally, my taxi appeared, and Max opened the door for me.
See you tomorrow, Rina.
Good night.
I saw a car from the window, as Max crossed the riser and sat on a motorcycle.
Yes, the day today was definitely full of events.
That’s how Max appeared in our company.
Another month flew by.
The new programmer showed himself from the best side: always helpful, professional, besides with a great sense of humor.
I still trembled at the sound of his voice, and when Max laughed, rolling and from the heart, a strange shiver ran through my spine.
It was interesting to talk with Max about life when an opportunity was presented, and several times he walked me home.

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I admitted to myself that I enjoyed every minute I spent next to him.
The gopher could not help noticing our lively communication and became day after day more gloomy and irritating.
At the beginning of August, a corporate party was appointed on the occasion of the deputy’s birthday.
I was not interested in this, but it was impossible not to go, and next to Max I felt safe.
At this party I dressed up as a date.
If only I knew what would happen to me this evening.
Rina, are you alright? How do you feel? I’ll take you home.
Max’s voice sounded like a peal in my ears.
I could barely open my eyes.
Max practically hung over me, and for some reason the ceiling was behind his head, right above me.
Max? What happened? You fainted.
Do you remember what happened? Grimacing.
from headache and bright light, I strained my memory.
A party.
Congratulations to the deputy happy birthday.
I went to one of the empty cabinets, adapted to the kitchen, to make more buffet sandwiches.
Then a well-drunk Gopher appeared and began

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to pester me.
“Stop breaking, Russian bitch.
Oh my god! I really want you.
Come on right here.
“I remembered how I tried to escape from his hands, how I dodged his nasty obsessive lips, how I threatened to scream.
Once again she felt his sticky palms, one on her face, so that she wouldn’t make a noise, the other under her skirt.
I shuddered.
You came to save me, ”I whispered, and wept silently.
A picture flashed before my eyes: Max entered the room and tore off a drunken chief from me, hit him several times, and deafened him.
Can you get up? And go? – The man helped me up and, supporting me, slowly led me out of the room to the elevator.
I wanted to get away as soon as possible, dreamed of a hot shower so that the water washed away all traces of dirty touches from my skin.
Max wondered if I could ride a motorcycle with him, but I persuaded him.
However, I very quickly regretted my hasty decision, I was really scared.
org) Max was rather cautious, but I had never ridden a motorcycle before, and although Max put his helmet on me and repeated that he had nothing to fear, I clutched at him with a death grip and shouted all the curses that only came to me head
I could not imagine that I had such a rich vocabulary. Asian sex tv live.

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