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In addition to her beautiful appearance, despite her youth, Nastya was also a leading specialist in the planning and marketing department, and she was told that she was a manager.
department after the retirement of the current boss, and this was to happen in just a month.
Everything went according to plan, when suddenly one evening my wife told me that she had a serious conversation with me.

I noticed that when she got home, she was out of mood and suspiciously silent.
Thinking to defuse the situation, I deftly unbuttoned a short robe, fastened only with 2 buttons, and the balls of her breast, unstitched with a bra, were in my hands, and she herself was on my lap.
But to my surprise, she quickly wriggled out of my arms, sitting on the chair next to me.
– Victor, let me tell you what happened at work! – Well, not the war has begun! – Worse, our director moved to another division, and we have a new director! – And what, the new one is so new, is it not Godzilla? – No, and even a handsome young man who brought his team with him.
He summoned all the key specialists one by one to his office, after which only I remained of the former employees, all the rest wrote a letter of resignation.
“Did he talk to you too?” – Yes, so I need to consult with you.
– About what? – I was interested in this situation.

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– When I entered, there were two more young people in his office for about 30 years.
They began to look at me brazenly from head to toe, and I felt naked.
And the director called the terms of my stay here in a businesslike tone, adding that he appreciates me as a specialist, but I will have to go to work in a new form of clothing.
– And what’s wrong with that? – And the fact that my skirt should be shorter than this, barely covering the pussy and buttocks, and under it I should be naked, forgetting about

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the pants.
The same goes for breasts – no bras.
At the same time, he handed me a package, adding: – If you want to continue working here, then tomorrow you will come in what you find in the package, and, of course, you must wear stiletto shoes so that your delicious ass will stand out even more.
If you don’t dress the clothes offered to you, then tomorrow you write a statement on your own.
– Well, dress what he wants! “You will not like what I’ll have to walk around the office all day like some kind of whore!” – Dress, see! Nastya pulled off her thong, unwrapped the package and pulled on her hips a short black knit skirt that tightly fitted Nastya’s round buttocks.
The skirt was like a second skin, looking at which it was clear that there were no panties.
I was excited, my cock stood, forming a mound, Nastya shook her head, noticing this.
Then she put on a white silk blouse, fastened with 2 lower buttons, which almost completely covered her chest.
At first glance at the blouse, there was nothing noticeable, but looking closer, you could easily examine the areola of her nipples.
The blouse was cramped to her, and her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric.
My cock was ready to jump out of my pants because of such a damnable look of my upset little wife, who said with insult: – Do you like this outfit? – It is even nothing! Big ebony boobs webcam.

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