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He had not entered the house yet, and I was excited like never before! My ex-girlfriend had a date with another guy, and I just watched and wanted to see what would happen next.
I wanted them to have sex more quickly.

I wanted him to quickly grab her ass and chest.
so that he could touch her bare white delicate body with his own hands.
so he entered his dick in her pussy and fucked her.
I wanted to see it all! I was terribly excited, but at the same time I wanted to stop all this, but I could not and it excited me even more! a wave of excitement and jealousy covered me.
but most of all I was crazy about her excited look, about the fact that she was already flowing in anticipation of sex with her lover! I was incredibly excited by her appearance – a translucent pink silk nightgown, which half barely covered her ass behind, and in front completely covered her already wet pussy from her lover’s gaze.
the nightie stood on her breast, sharp hard nipples were visible through the thin delicate fabric.
at every step she took, the fabric began to move and sometimes bared her excited wet pussy.
It seems that the wine was not what.
He did not have time to take off his shoes, as she threw herself on his neck and began to greedily kiss him, penetrating his tongue deep into his mouth.
she kissed him, and with one hand he crushed her excited breasts, stroked her hard nipples, and with the other hand he launched her nightie and caressed her wet swollen pussy.
with each of his next movement, she shuddered with her whole body.
Suddenly she recoiled from him and, looking coquettishly, ran into the room.
I stood and looked at all this with eyes filled with arousal.
I stood and spied, I was terribly ashamed, but that made me even more excited.
In the bedroom they opened a bottle of wine and soon she was already drunk and ready for anything.
He laid her on her back and parted her legs.

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she was so drunk and excited that her silk shirt below was soaking wet with juice from her vagina and sticking to her labia.
he pounced on her, but with a sharp movement she turned him on his back and sat down on top of him and grabbed his cock in both hands and began to quickly and roughly masturbate him, then she clasped his lips and began to suck him swallowing him to the very balls, she swallowed him completely , then sucked only a big swollen head, licked his powerful, even trunk, his scrotum.
then she took his cock in her mouth again and began to suck and bite him.
Suddenly he bent and a powerful hot stream of cum gushing into her mouth.
and she continued to suck dick, which was all in sperm.
I looked at them and completely forgot about where I am.
I was completely there.
and did not even notice how he finished in his pants.
And at that time she sat on his face with her wet pussy, he grabbed her ass and began to lick her pussy, while caressing her clit with her finger.
with his tongue he penetrated her pussy, and from this she was all bent and an expression of coarse animal passion appeared on her face! He pawed her chest and licked her pussy.

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from the excitement she was all running.
she was wound up to the limit.
she moved her pelvis and drove her wet cunt all over his face.
then he grabbed her ass, turned her back and quickly entered her with his stone member! she screamed in pleasure and pain! he fucked her! Fucked like a real whore, and she moaned and screamed with pleasure! she wanted him to fuck her with all his might! at that moment she wanted to have three huge members fuck her! she wanted to fuck three men and ticked her.
then she felt a hot stream of sperm in herself and finished instantly, but he did not stop at all and entered her cunt full of sperm.
a friend went to his home, and she was drunk and naked lying on the bed.
her cunt was full of sperm, which flowed from her thin stream.
the whole nightie was soaked with wine, sperm and its lubricant.
she was lying on her stomach, her nightie was raised to her breasts and I saw her bare ass.
then something came over me, I realized that I wanted her.
right now, drunk, just fucked by some guy.
I quietly went to the porch, tried the door – it was open.
I entered her room and saw that she was asleep.
I walked up and ran a finger between her legs, I knelt down and gently licked her pussy — sperm and lubricant flowed from her.
I put my finger in there, he plunged into a hot hole full of hot sperm and began to drive them back and forth, then leaned down and kissed her pussy and began to lick her tongue.
I felt her excited.
Grease flowed out of her pussy again, she often breathed, but was still asleep. Bigo live sex tumblr.

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