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She decided to shave me with Jeanne’s hands – that was a surprise.
Zhanna was also aware of a naked taxi ride and my shaving, so a hot bath was waiting for me.
First I had to soak it.

I was lying in the bathroom, and Joan was jerking off to me.
I let go.
This sperm is not got to anyone.
Then two girls in four hands washed me.
And then Jeanne twice shaved my balls and pubis.
She did it carefully, shaved clean and never cut.
Then there was a shave check: Olesya took my balls in her mouth and began to suck, and Jeanne jerked me off.
She let me down on my stomach, and Olesya immediately licked everything.
– It is tasty and convenient to lick – said Olesya – But I also want to finish! I took off Olesya shorts with panties and took her dick in her mouth.
Joan watched me suck her sister.

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Olesya finished in my mouth and we started kissing.
Then I noticed the sad look of Joan.
– Listen, do you have a boyfriend? – Not.
– And when was the last time you finished? – It’s a long time.
– And if you want, I’ll help you.
I used to be called a cunniling virtuoso! Jeanne hesitated.
She said that she was uncomfortable, and she was shy, and I was Olesya’s boyfriend.
But we persuaded her, but I was blindfolded.
They went into another room.
Olesya returned for me, tied her eyes with a handkerchief, took her pussy and led her to Joan.
In the bedroom she put me on her knees and gently tilted to Jeannina’s pussy.
Puss turned out to be smooth-shaven and very juicy.
I brought Zhanna to orgasm three times.
Then we left Joan to move away from orgasms and went to the gym.

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There Olesya asked to fuck her.
I fucked her in the ass.
She finished on her stomach, then I finished there too.
With my tongue I collected all the sperm from Olesya in my mouth and fell to her lips.
– Dove caressing – Jeanne left the bedroom in a light robe – Thank you.
I have not been so good for a long time.
For the trip home, we called the same car and decided that I would go in front.
Jeanne brought me to the pussy to the car, and I sat forward.
The girl – the driver was surprised, but not confused, but took me by the dick and began to masturbate.
She was distracted only by the gear shift in the car.
Because of this, I did not have time to finish, and she finished off at the door.
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