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The girl poured Amaretto into her glass.
“Yes, apparently the evening will be very interesting,” I thought.
And then he remembered that Natalya had warned in the morning, before she left, that she was leaving for a business trip, and most likely she would not be back until tomorrow.

Dasha brought a salad from the kitchen and put it in front of me, for a moment, pressing her tight chest against my shoulder.
Let’s drink and dance, otherwise we have something not very fun.
A gulp, having drunk her wine without biting, she ran to the music center and turned on the tape recorder.
Nina got up and, coming up to me, sat down in a playful curtsy, inviting to dance.
Will you allow Dasha? – She asked.
What do you mean! Of course.

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Slightly, saddened by the fact that her friend was ahead of her, Dasha drank her incomprehensible wine that appeared in a glass.
We rocked in a slow dance.
The girl was just below me.
Her slim body with a thin, flexible waist was easily subordinate to my movements.
Plump hips pressed against me, causing a sweet aching pain in the groin.
She was a great partner.
During the next turn, I suddenly saw how drunk Dasha, leaning to the side, was slowly falling from the chair.

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I pulled away from my partner and, jumping to the girl, grabbed her, not letting her fall.
Her dim eyes almost rolled up and she, mumbling something, supported by me, obediently went to her bedroom.
I laid her on the bed.
For a moment, Dasha opened her eyes, clasped my neck and kissed me tightly.
I’ll sleep.
Good? She asked sleepily.
I was completely drunk.
Nothing, nothing.
Covering her with a blanket, I went out into the hall.
Wide-spread arms, Nina smoothly circled in a slow dance.
I walked over to her, and she hugged my neck.
We slowly stepped in one place, more and more tightly clinging, to each other.
The girl sighed and, lifting her face, looked intently into my eyes.
I clung to her full, fresh lips, gently blooming from my kiss.
The girl clung tightly to me.
Her body suddenly began to shake a shiver.
Looking up from her lips, hugging the waist, I led her into the bedroom.
She walked meekly with me.
Closed thick curtains created a soft twilight, in which the girl’s frequent, agitated breathing was heard.
I went up to her and, holding the hem of her tight-fitting dress, pulled it up.
The girl raised her hands, and I hardly pulled him off.
Her large, molded body is covered with a short, black combination not covering the translucent lace bottoms.
Elastic sticking chest, was almost naked low-cut combination.
The girl again raised her hands, and I took off her thin, delicate cover.
I even got dark in my eyes, at the sight of her naked, resiliently protruding chest with sharp strained long cylinders of bright pink nipples. Bongacams chat.

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