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In the case of Pride, everything was a bit more complicated, again because of the size of its economy.
“I will do everything in the best possible way, but only if you don’t intervene,” the big guy Claire warned, fearing that he would try to shove his cock down her throat.
– What are you, I put the conditions in mind? Absolutely insolent, girl ?! – Jim got it.

– This is a request, not a condition.
I promise you will not be disappointed! – Claire hurried to reassure the bullying loser.
Jim took a few deep breaths, but said nothing.
Taking his silence as consent, Claire took Pride’s cock into his hand.
During a short stay inside her, Jim’s dick got a little stronger, and became a little firmer.
Despite the fact that Claire was still afraid of Pride, she wondered what his cock tasted like.
Tickling the purple head with her fingers, Claire touched her tongue.
A member of Pride reacted immediately to the touch of a wet tongue.
Not frightened by the fact that the “healthy man” jerked, the naked girl began to slowly lick him from all sides, trying not to miss a single millimeter.
Having finished with the surface, Claire ran her hand over the penis, pulled on the skin, revealing the upper part even more, and began to work on the new section as carefully.
When the time came to take hold of the trunk itself, Claire began to suck.
Penis size did not allow the girl to completely take it in his mouth, so Claire only moved up to half, and the rest began to massage with her small fingers.

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Pride, not accustomed to such delicate handling of his unit, was very pleased with the work of a miniature blonde.
Despite his promise not to interfere in the process, Jim ran his hand through Claire’s hair and began to stroke her head.
The girl froze for a moment, but when she realized that Pride was not going to force her head down.
on your unit, continued.
Slowly beginning to enjoy the process, Claire accelerated the pace.
Going much farther than half, the girl moved her hand from Jim’s dick to his balls.
In her performance it was not just a gentle stroking, but a real massage, from which Jim was excited even more.
Not regretting that he had completely given up the initiative into the girl’s hands, Pride took her chin and slightly raised Claire’s head.
The girl understood what was required of her, and continued to pump up Jim’s dick, while looking into the healthy guy’s eyes.
Excited Claire was so fascinated by the process that she almost missed the moment of discharge.
Only when a member in her mouth pulsed, Claire hastily pulled away, but did not have time to dodge the long viscous stream.
Shot from a member of the sperm, but it turned out to be very much,

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Claire soiled all of his face, and flowed on his chest.
Instantly, the girl who came to her senses began to clear the Pride secretions.
Jim himself brushed the last drops off his penis, put on his pants and proceeded to the corner box.
Taking out a bottle of water and a handkerchief from the box, Pride immediately handed them to the girl.
“Thank you,” Claire thanked Jim.
Having splashed water on her face, and then on her chest, she washed Priide out of herself.
Wiping her face with a handkerchief, Claire set about picking up her clothes.
At first, Jim was going to return the captive back to the pen, but after Claire had done with his member, he changed his mind, deciding to keep the girl with him.
“From this very moment you will live in my tent.”
Do nothing without my permission.
If someone starts to bother or needs something on trifles – just tell me. Bongacams xroxana.

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