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Marina is so beautiful that I always see how men look at her even when we walk along the sidewalk, and they are driving along the road past.
All my friends and parents say that I was lucky with such a beautiful wife.
I think so too.

I was lucky to marry her with a difference of fifteen years.
At my job, all the men whistle and clap me on the shoulder when Marina is there.
They say that she is a real Ponarovskaya only thirty years old.
And yet, what could she have found in me a forty-five-year-old man who works in a car repair shop? I don’t know myself, but sometimes I’m afraid to admit that it’s just that I’ve been able to pay more than others because of what my wife had got her own foreign car, an indecently expensive phone, for which I still have to give credit for four months, a fur coat and she looks after the dacha.
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Marina has very fair long hair almost white, long legs and appetizing breasts.
I love it most of all.
She is also cheerful, smiling.
It’s never boring with her.
But I am sometimes afraid that she will change me.
She’s so beautiful.
Any man wants her.
No, what am I writing? She tells me that she loves.
And I tell her, and I want to make a gift a second fur coat.
Micah will have to give 500 green later.
“” As always I am tired after work.
My arms ached in my elbows and my back hurt.
I went to my apartment, and there she was all naked and with her some guy.
He was bald with a belly, hairy legs and arms.
He is ten years older than me exactly, but his dick was like a stone! And I saw such a big one only in magazines, where there are thirty five centimeters.
Hairy and with the same big eggs.
Why are these bald and freaks always so lucky? He lay on my wife and walked in between her spread legs.

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She shaved herself there recently and was all full of glistening because she flowed heavily.
He fucked her without stopping, and I was three steps from the bed, which creaked.
Our matrimonial bed! His face with bristles was red as was part of his wet dick at the hair.
I did not see the rest, because he thrust deeply and barely pulled it back.
I looked at my wife.
She moaned loudly and did not pretend that she was unpleasant.
She cheated on me with this old fart spreading her legs like a string.
She has been doing fitness since the age of two, and all of her classes (for which I paid) came down to show off in front of others! She was wearing black fishnet stockings and new expensive suede shoes that my official half salary ate last

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He thrust her, puffed and said something at the ear.
It seems that from her pussy flows, as from a drain.
He also licked her face and kissed her on the lips.
I have never seen my wife so good at kissing and sticking out her tongue.
I used to think she was modest.
She herself always told me so.
And never fucked me like that.
Never done a splits! And I am her husband! I was disappointed in my love for her.
She moaned while she fucked this one with a healthy dick.
She is so beautiful, and he is such a freak! Why did they do it? And why on our matrimonial bed and in our bedroom? And on the clothes that my parents gave us for a wedding with pink flamingos? She poured from her pussy in a huge puddle on the linen and there came out a wet circle under her asshole.
Look, I finish – this man said and looked at me.
I saw my wife squeeze out of his holes thick sperm.
He pulled out his cock in semen like in milk, and I saw how big and fat he was.
I guessed that my size did not satisfy my wife.
She always imitated an orgasm with me, and with it flowed really and a lot.
With me it was always almost dry.
Only two drops and that’s it.
This bald freak slid off my wife and began to knead her soft tits.
They were scattered around and sweaty with glitter.
He licked her protruding pink nipples and then kissed her on the lips with his tongue, frankly trying her taste and smacking.
And with her legs bent wide open, she still breathed loudly from what she had finished.
Brother, bitch does not want a dog does not jump – said this man.
He did not apologize, even laughed at me and then continued to fumble with my tongue in my wife’s mouth.
She looked at me.
She was not ashamed.
She felt good, she began to breathe even louder and more often from the hand of the man who had put his middle finger in her wet pussy. Bongo 888 sex live 248.

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