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Igor gently and gently sucked nipples, his tongue was rapidly licked the nipple aura, introducing Irina into a state of weightlessness and bliss.
Slowly, but confidently, his caresses went lower and lower into the region of the abdomen, the navel.
Next in line were the hips, which Igor covered with passionate kisses.

And finally, his sharp playful tongue reached the most cherished.
Spreading Irina’s hips, Igor went deep into the study of female charms.
Already quite excited, Irina was literally bleeding with juices of love, her vagina was wet, it gave off a keen love, and at the same time a warm smell of sweat, musk and something elusive that “burned Igor on the head”.
Already in a half-trance state, intoxicated by the smell and taste of Irina’s vaginal juices, Igor, with all the possible care, caution, and tenderness, began leisurely his art of quilling.
Alternating the longitudinal, transverse and circular movements of the tongue, sucking and nibbling the clitoris, he made Irina convulse and moan genuinely.
In the head of Irina, there was still a glimmer of shame: “What are you doing? You’re an adult woman, boss, what’s next? ”
But after a second, this light was swept away by a wave of passion, which gave the young lover.
Slowly moistening a member with saliva, Igor gently inserted it into Irina’s vagina.
Despite the significant size, his penis almost completely drowned in Irina’s hot bosom, which seemed ready to take another 10 times more in a fit of love.
Irina felt that indescribable feeling, which she so lacked, after her divorce from her husband and long evenings spent alone, without warm men’s embraces. Buy cheap dildos online.

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