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Girls dare, drove me into the paint.
– What are you waiting for Natasha? – smiled Olya, – Lay the child on the diaper.
Natasha, not without difficulty, moved me on the table, putting me on a diaper with a diaper.

– Yeah, like this: booty on the diaper, – Olga nodded approvingly, – so that the lower end was exactly between the legs, and the other two somewhere at the navel.
Suddenly realizing that I was really being swallowed up like a baby, I roared loudly.
– I do not want! – I shouted, – Where is my clothes? – Well, quickly calmed down! – Natasha raised her voice, – If you do not want me to swaddle you, I can leave like this naked.
The reminder that I lay in front of all the naked made me blush.
“Now put the bottom end of the diaper between the legs and cover the baby’s tummy,” Olga continued, “Check the scribble.
In boys, she usually pulls up under a diaper, and it is necessary that she be pointing down.
Natasha reached under the diaper and straightened my pussy.
I wanted to fall under the ground from embarrassment.
– Cover the middle end of the diaper with the side ends and you can wrap the toddler in diapers, – said Olga.
“Sasha is more jealous,” decided Natasha.
Olya continued to tell my sister what to do, until Natasha completely swaddled me.
Feeling that I could not move my arms or legs, I almost cried from complete helplessness.
– What Lala! – Ksyusha laughed, pointing a finger at me.
“So pretty,” Natasha agreed, admiring her job, “Just

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like a baby.”
Only the nipples are missing.
“I have one,” Olga smiled, and began rummaging around in her bag.

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– What, sister asked to buy at the pharmacy? – spitefully asked Natasha.
“Yeah, I bought two nipples there for Andryusha,” Olga confirmed, “I just can’t find it just now.”
Olya poured the contents of her bag on the table.
– Oh, how much you bought, – Natasha smiled, – Baby bottle, rattle.
And what’s in this box? – Children’s laxative candles, – answered Olya, – Sveta also asked to buy.
Natasha took from Oli a blue pacifier and put it in my mouth.
– Sasha with this nipple so funny! – Ksyusha giggled.
I spat out the pacifier in disgust.
– What is it? – Natasha raised her voice, – You will keep the pacifier in your mouth until I take it out.
And just try to spit it out.
Until the evening I will leave in diapers! Frightened by Natashin in a decisive tone, I obediently let my nipple slip into my mouth again.
– Already forgot what to do with the nipple? – Natasha did not let up, – She needs to be sucked.
Yeah, like that, with a smacking of water.
The girls laughed together.
– With a pacifier is another matter! – said Ksyusha.
“Now it’s just like our Andryusha at three months,” Olga remarked with a smile, “We were still wearing his cap when we were swaddled.”
“And Sasha had a kerchief instead of a bonnet,” Natasha remembered. “Now I will look for it.”
I saw her somewhere in the closet.
Natasha left the room and a minute later returned with a small children’s kerchief.
I remembered that my mother tied her to me even at the age of five.
Basically, after swimming, so that the head does not catch a cold.
– Well, how about you, girls, Sasha’s scarf? – Natasha laughed, tying my kerchief like a baby.
– What a beauty, – Ksyush clapped her hands, – Eh, sorry, there is no camera.
– Sasha is not directly recognizing now, – smiled Olga, – Who is this baby with a pacifier in her mouth? – How much will you give him now? – Natasha Olya asked jokingly, – Nine months? – What is nine! – Natasha laughed, – Four months, no more! Offended that I am compared with a baby, I could not stand it and roared loudly.
– What a roar! – Natasha smiled softly at me, – What happened? Does your baby have a tummy ache? – Shake a rattle over him to calm down? – Ksyusha laughed, taking a rattle from Olin’s table.
Watching Ksyusha shake a rattle over me, I started crying even harder at the insult that the girls treat me like a toddler. Buy sex products online india.

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