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Tengiz listened to me attentively and said: – In principle, everything is clear: the girl has everything, but she is waiting for her strong man who will take her hand, lead her, solve all her problems, think for her, carry her full responsibility and do whatever you want with it.
Simply, in her head, her values ??as a family, house, work, well-being and experienced lover — her patron, her mentor, her daddy, her master — are not united in a single whole.
And because of one of her values ??- a lover, she is afraid of losing everything she has: better a bird in her hands than a crane in the sky.

We need to help your girl to find complete harmony, do you agree with this Dima? – I agree.
– For this we have to do something.
Do you have any dirt on her? Well, something that she hides from others and is afraid of publicity? Marital sex video, her photos? Frankly speaking, this topic embarrassed me greatly: to help in collecting compromising materials on my wife: “Maybe somehow without compromising information?”
– Are you starting again? Don’t you trust me? – I trust you.
– Then listen to me: what do you have about Katya? I told about my pornography photoshoot with Katya.
Tengiz was pleased: – So we’ll do it: tomorrow you will send me “the soap” her most candid photos, and I will meet with your boss and make him an offer for you, which he cannot refuse, and I will go to work to Kate, I will say with her.
Expect that tomorrow evening your boss will come to your house to have a conversation with you. Cam teen lesbian.

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