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With her finger, she pointed at the mirror.
In reflection I was watched by a hefty dog, sister of the first Lola.
From fright, I bounced off the mirror and tried to get up, but as soon as both of my hands broke off the floor and a repeated painful discharge returned me to a horizontal position.

Only now I noticed a discrepancy – my arms, breasts, my whole body remained the same.
Do not overstrain your brain, Lolachka.
No, you are not a dog, it is an illusion created by a collar.
While she works, everyone sees you exactly like this.
Dogs do not speak or walk on their hind legs, therefore.
And it does not matter, you already understood.
Oh yeah! Now then, everything fell into place.
With Alena Petrovna lives her bitch Lola.
Perfect cover, forging documents for dogs easier and cheaper.
than for a man.
I could not help but be amazed at the genius of her imagination.
This night you will spend in this image.
If this does not suit you, I will return it as it was and let the black schoolgirl go to her home.
Wherever she lives there, the Mistress yawned sleepily.
– Let me think.
We need a code system.
If you agree – lick my hand, do not agree – stand and do not move.
Or one “wow” – yes, two – no.

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Only now it is better not to bark – at the neighbors above us is an infant.
I looked again at my reflection.
It would seem that there was no particular choice.
Having lost my head, I took a step towards her.
Stop, if you think that you have no choice, you are greatly mistaken.
Perhaps I didn’t put it that way – as if I read my thoughts on Alena
– If you are not punished or do not need me at the moment – with my permission, you are free to go in any image you wish.
Though a man, even a dog.
The main thing is to be in touch and return home in the morning.
The news delighted me greatly, but I did not hesitate for long and licked her hand.

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The day was long and strange, and I was full, but tired.
And you had to give your feet some rest.
With a familiar movement, patting me on the head and scratching behind the ear, Alana retired to her room, and I climbed onto the bed and crawled under the washcloth smelling my sweat.
At night, I had a terrible dream, and almost certainly it was due to the stink of the Bologna.
I thought I was stinking through her.
Around me, clips-canes jumped together, barking in a terrible bark that seemed to penetrate my brain, skin, flesh and bones.
And so, I look at my hands and see, see how they are covered with wool.
I whined complainingly, I woke up in a sweat completely forgetting the details of the nightmare.
The clock was half past three, and there was no sleep to the water eye.
Despite some sweating, I felt sleepy and full of strength.
And even a little excited.
My throat was dry from all these experiences and I decided to drink, but standing on all fours could only get to the toilet.
I had to cheat by moving the chair to the sink in the kitchen.
Thirst told me where to put the bowl.
For the rest of the night, I was flipping through Babskie magazines – the only reading matter in my room.
In the morning, sleepy, dressed in Alyona’s pajamas, caught me languishing from idleness at my door.
Joyfully, I almost knocked her down, begging me to lick her hands.
Yes, yes, yes, my girl, missed Mrs? – She smiled a little sleepily, gently stroking my hair.
– Today we have a lot to do, prepare the Lady breakfast while she takes a shower.
Before you go to the shower, Alain returned to me the human capabilities.
Oh, with what joy I stood on two legs! Breakfast was about the same as yesterday, only now for one person and with coffee.
Lady, please leave water to Lola for the night, ”I asked shyly, sitting on the floor at her feet.
It was surprisingly nice to hear the human speech from his mouth.
– You can use a bowl for this.
After the shower, the Lady in a bathrobe, pleased with my behavior, was in a good mood.
Or just got up from that leg.
Really sound thought, Lolachka, – Alice cooed while drinking coffee.
Crossing her legs, she excitedly began to drive her foot over my big boobs, playing with her fingers with fleshy nipples.
Not much kicking my melons and causing them to tremble pleasantly to the eye, she threw open the floors of her robe and beckoned to her.
– You slept well? Yes.
Madam, – I answered automatically, involuntarily, being excited by such arrogant games with my milk bottles.
They seemed to be living and jumping and rolling, chaotically waving tense tits.
Ay-yay-yay, how not good to lie.
I don’t even need a phone for this — I looked in the morning for recordings from cameras in your room. Daughter nude webcam.

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