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If it were not for Vovchik’s best friend, I would have filled his face long ago
With these words, Nikolai took off his denim windbreaker and covered our heroine, sat down next to her and hugged him like a brother.
He noticed that Lera was trembling like an autumn leaf.

And somehow defuse the situation, the noble musketeer offered to drink.
But even after another toast, everyone remained tense.
Tatiana was afraid for Lera and Nicholas, so she stole her for the night.
It was still almost light, and they pulled the curtains tight.
Lera took off a marching skirt together with a sour rag from her own secretions and dog saliva, which still looked like thongs in the morning, and put on a warm woolen tracksuit with a naked body.
Throwing over a rug, she curled up, running cold hands into the hot crotch, as if covering her from unwanted guests.
Fingering little by little with her finger at the elastic process, she craved a man more than ever.
Romka cattle, left one, but as if now he was needed.
But, alas, it is not.
In the head got bad thoughts on which one of those present she would let herself to.
No, not only Sergey, Vovchik? No, he is the husband of a best friend.

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Remained Valera and Nikolai.
Valera utter Loch.
Yes, of course, Nikolai, handsome, tall, muscular and most importantly noble.
No, that I dream Durra, still I will not give anyone.
The last glass, drunk to the eyeballs, doused her head, and she finally fell asleep.
As in her youth, she dreamed of an erotic dream.
Only this time, the soaring members poked her all over her body, searching for the cherished holes, and one of them

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pushing back into the anus.
Lera woke up in a cold sweat.
Having settled in from behind, the man otgryvat gum sweat pants, almost to his knees, which in front slid down the sloped handles.
From fright, she firmly pressed her palms to the languishing pie and bit her lip for fear.
He continued to push her fingers away, inserting a small, pointed pole.
But she constantly slipped on the smeared crotch and stuck in the anus.
With the muscles of the pelvis, Lera squeezed a tight point, and the tight little ring of the anus seized the head at the base, did not let in a thicker trunk.
The long member, in the absence of a full erection, was bent, and slipped out of the clamped cave.
– Ludka what are you, relax, that you quit.
Again with Seryoga I fucked, but I was a bummer.
Come on in a good way, well Lyudochka, I love you.
Persuaded drunk Valerik.
Greetings to you dear readers.
Much time has passed since the last incident.
To tell the truth, after this incident, my conscience began again to gnaw, and so I decided not to repeat it anymore and lead a completely different way of life.
I erased all my emails and decided not to have sex with guys anymore. Facebook live sex stream.

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