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And there was something to see.
Vasily was in a torn shirt, which he tore before our eyes and threw it aside.
Topless Ingrid stood in a fighting pose in front of him, glittering with bare breasts.

They were small, but strong and poured, like large apples.
Her brooks were torn too, and she was now getting rid of them, taking advantage of a short respite.
But she took them off and ended up in some pink thongs, which do not hide anything in their eyes.
Vasya was dumbfounded, but not lost attention.
Because Ingrid rushed at him, jumping astride her hips, clasping my friend’s waist with her legs, and with this, she pushed him to the ground.
I gasped, worried about him.
But it turns out there was no need to worry.
Ingrid threw Vasya on the grass, put a kiss to his lips, and Vaska clasped her breasts and began to caress them.
Then his hands moved to Ingrid’s bare buttocks, squeezed, shook, and Vaska’s palea hooked on the gum of the panties and pulled them down.
Ingrid, helped, kicking off them completely.
She, not looking up from Vasya’s lips, hands, unbuckled his jeans, and they got rid of them, remaining completely naked.
I saw how a member of Vasya rested in Ingrid’s expiring juices and slipped in easily.
They began to move, Ingorid pulled away from the lips of my friend and sat completely astride, jumping on it up and down.
They had a short time to enjoy themselves, at first Ingrid screamed lingeringly, and then Vaska silently began to suck.
It so excited me that I looked back at Irma.
She carefully looked at her lovers and pulled herself in the womb.
I did not see how she undressed.
Naked, Irma was great, and I pounced on her.
Together we took everything that was disturbing us, and I began to frantically caress her body.
I kissed her breasts, sucked her nipples, pinched them, I rubbed her knees with my knee, she began to moan, which brought me even more.

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She scratched my chest, her hand grabbed my cock and began to nadrachivat it, but I pulled away, whispering that she did not want to break again.
I finally fulfilled my dream, touched the tongue of the female perineum, felt it to taste, causing a loud cry from

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Language I brought it to the top, naslyuniviv before the expiration of the grass.
Only after that I put a member inside.
It was beautiful there! Warm, wet and sweet! Inserting, I realized that something had to be done, and moved.
This time I did not finish quickly.
Having once again brought Irma to orgasm, I decided to pull out a member, but Irma whispered, no need, I will take the medicine.
I finished inside, and it was, I tell you, amazing.
No masturbation compares to this.
Sharp, short-lived, but burning pleasure penetrated me from head to toe.
I remained lying on Irma, she, however, did not protest.
Some time has passed.
We got up, somehow dressed in the remains of our clothes and began to solve the current situation.
Ak turned out, and Irma, and Ingrid liked what happened.
But they immediately said that it would not be repeated, that they realized that they were mistaken, that we, the guys, were right, and the bodyguards give us their permission to communicate with the girls.
They took us to Gelendvagen, deigned to take us home.
We lived together with Vastyaka, so we still had five minutes to talk.
After discussing the situation, we decided that what had happened – well, that we agree, we no longer need to fall asleep with the bodyguards, but we must continue our acquaintance with the girls.
On this we parted.
Zimma left Geledwagen and stepped aside, letting Letta pass.
Hand in hand, they went to the club.
The club belonged to their daddy, and he gave control to them.
Just today they turned 18 years old and they took full ownership of this institution.
The girls went inside, reached their room, overlooking the glazed wall on the dance floor.
They worked a little in the room, sorting out all the current affairs.
Three hours passed unnoticed.
The girls got bored, they wanted to somehow celebrate their birthday, and they began to think what to do.
“We need to take someone off,” said lilac-haired Letta.
– I want to finally lose this virginity! – Yes, I agree, – Zimma dreamily stretched, which made her mini dress seductively stretched out on all the bulges and bumps.
Letta noticed this and said: – Yes, sis, if it were not for the members, we had enough of each other! “Yeah,” Zimma stroked her chest and went over to her hips, suddenly spreading them wide, which made the dress wrap before the hips began, revealing tiny white panties.
She ran her hands to the inside of her hips, touched her panties and pushed aside. Free online mobile sex.

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