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Although, who knows, everything can be.
In any case, this film can be a pleasant reminder of their magnificent love games, of the wonderful moments of their lives.
Our sex this evening was not as crazy and passionate as yesterday, but it was more gentle.

This time, Rosochka decided to “command the parade”: she undressed me, stripped herself and started the blowjob – the second one for today.
This time she showed all her skills without a trace, and I appreciated the evolution of her skills.
Needless to say, from the moment of our separation, she stepped far forward.
Having brought almost to her frenzy with her skillful mouth, she saddled me and began to ride me.
We finished at the same time.
We lay, hugging, and were silent about the same thing: what will happen to us next? Whether tomorrow night – the last night of the congress – will be the last for us.
– What we are going to do? – I finally asked.
– Now or in general? – clarified Rose.
– At all.
– Did you tell the truth yesterday? – Rose looked at me, and in her eyes I saw doubt and hope.
– Yes.
– I still love you so far.
– Rose looked away.
– But I did it mean, I am not worthy of you.
“Let’s forget about it,” I suggested.
“But I’m bad, I’m nasty,” Rose was ready to cry again.
– For me, you’re the best.
“I’m a whore, I am a slut, I fucking,” tears flowed down her cheeks.
– No, it was just a mistake, and now we will drop all this and be together again.
Like before.
Do you remember? And I don’t care that you had someone after me.
After all, I myself am not without sin.
I had two girls after you – my thoughts were confused and I spoke in jerky, chopped phrases.
Sobs Roses weakened and I decided to continue in the same vein.
– Well, how much was yours without me? I wonder if I am far behind you.
– I changed my tone to joking.
– Honestly? – Rosette stopped crying and seemed to accept my game.

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“Of course, honestly, otherwise it’s not interesting,” I said.
“To be honest, it’s pretty strong,” Rosa’s face became even playful.
Strange, but she seemed to enjoy this confession.
– So how accurate? Can you say – I continued.
– I think the positions for ten or twelve.
Sorry, I can not say more precisely.
“It seems to me that this is not scary,” I really thought so.
I asked her in detail about the adventures without me, and in short, what I heard.
That goat, for the sake of which she left me, very soon left her.
(Interestingly, it was he who printed out her virgin ass on the second month of her acquaintance – I did not succeed in this for three years.
) Her first impulse was to come back to me, but she was afraid.
The point, however, was not only fear.
Rosa has a new interest – an interest for men, and for men different.
And this interest was overcome by the desire to return to me and ask for forgiveness. For four years of our separation, she did not have a relationship with anyone that lasted more than a few months.
At the same time, Rosette did not build a

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touchless person, and all her former cavaliers got access to her body.
As a result of all these adventures, the sexual experience of my beloved has grown immensely.
For almost a year since our reunion, I have not ceased to be amazed at the arsenal of her new tricks: she did in bed what most men can only dream of.
I had a feeling of jealousy many times, but waiting for the next night with Rosa and, more importantly, sincere love for her, overcame this feeling.
In addition, I believed that Rosochka repented and will henceforth be only mine.
In total, everything turned out just that way, but at the same time – not at all.
Here’s how it started.
Rosa and I lived together for a year when I began to notice all the same alarming signals that I did not attach importance to five years ago: she began to stay at work more often, and more than once I silently accused her of lying.
It is interesting that this time it didn’t affect our sex with her: he was just as passionate.
This went on for about a month, and when Rosa returned home late again, referring to the prolonged meeting of the department, I gave her a scandal.
I called her by my own dirty words, I screamed, even hit her once – and this never happened to me either before or afterwards.
In short, I was extremely enraged.
Under my crazy onslaught, Rosochka confessed to me that she had already cheated on me for a month with the manager of a translation bureau, with which she sometimes cooperated.
Usually they just went to his house and had sex with him, but sometimes it did not have time, and then Rosa was limited to just sucking in the car. Free online sex stream.

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