Hairy erotica private photo.

Hairy erotica private photo.
I love you and miss you terribly: My “my name”: 27.
03 09.

03 I want to write something tender and affectionate, but it does not work.
in me a misunderstanding of what is happening.
I do not understand my feelings, no, this does not concern you.
just something happens in me again.
I lost myself again.
03 We went to a minority club with you.
a regular cafe rented by your friends – a couple of gays.
– It is interesting to watch them, they are so gentle with each other.
Their eyes, behavior, style of conversation – everything, all this shows their orientation.
One of them met us with words addressing you – “What a sim-pathetic girl you have!” – funny, everything is funny – even to listen to such a compliment in your address.
The music is all dancing.
a guy with a guy about a joke – it didn’t shock me, but still I watched them kiss.
I can not explain why, but I felt there is normal.
Nevertheless, it was more interesting for me to observe than to take part in it.
Muffled light, cigarette smoke, same-sex couples – embracing and kissing, and much more creates the impression of unreality and some distance from everything “mundane”, because this event itself is already a phenomenon.

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A young gay guy hooked up to our table – his question, after numerous compliments to our address – “Oh, girls, I am so interested, but how did you understand that you are lesbians ???” Then a pretty “heavy” bodybuilding girl got hooked and began to unceremoniously ask questions, they say why and how.
The first thing she asked was – “Why (why do I like girls) ?,

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such as if there were any problems in my family that caused everything to be so?” She began to talk about her three-year relationship with the girl, their break.
– sad.
Her demeanor – she is like a man, facial expression, her voice is all rude.
She thinks so much about her orientation — she even has a girl’s stereotype — which she likes, height, figure, mind, face — everything plays a role.
I do not think about where I think why they chose me? for what? I do not want to suffer this.
but I can’t actually do anything.
Tying with this is the same as stopping drinking water or breathing, it’s part of my life, part of me.
But a biological deadlock in such a relationship is inevitable – as correctly noted by that “overweight” girl.
All the same, I adhere to the fact that I will meet a man who can melt the ice in the depths of me.
My whole life oppresses me.
there is a period of depression.
2003 Hi! how are you? how is the exam passing ??! You know, I want to write something, but the feelings that overwhelm my heart do not give me words.
I miss you and the realization that in the coming days we will not meet depresses me.
I love you and want us to be together. Hairy erotica private photo.

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