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Come on, old nag! – He again and again pulled the reins, beat the old woman with a whip

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on the sides and thighs.
With her hands and feet trembling with tension, the elderly woman took the first step, then the second.
After walking a few meters, the old woman fell to the floor.

Whip, the sadist made his mother stand up and sat down again.
This went on for about an hour, the old woman fell down, the Master forced her to rise and sat down on her again.
Finally, the man got tired of it, he made his mother stand up, and led her to the stall.
A man brought an old woman in a stall and called a servant.
Upon entering the stall, the woman quickly removed the harness and bridle from the exhausted old woman, plunging them into a bucket with a special herbicidal solution.
Then, she fastened the slave to the ring in the wall and, leaving the Boss a hose, a can of foam and a brush, left.
– Bah, Grandma, how you stink! – The sadist stood in front of his, standing on shaky from exhaustion legs, exhausted mother and waved his whip.
– Well, nothing, now I will wash you, the creature.
It is necessary to care for their cattle.
The man lowered, from the block fixed on the ceiling, a thick rope with a hook down.
Passing the hook through the handcuffs of his victim, he pulled the rope, forcing the old woman to stand in the middle of the room with his hands high up.
Then he made her spread her legs wide and tied them to rings in the wall.
Fixing his mother in this humiliating position in the middle of the stall, the sadist began to fasten the hose to the tap with water.

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Opening the tap, he touched the water.
Turning the faucet to the end, the man, with an evil grin, directed a strong jet at his bare victim.
The elderly woman screamed hysterically and began to writhe under jets of icy water.
The sadist slowly walked around the old woman, mercilessly spraying her from head to foot with cold water.
With undisguised pleasure, he watched his mother writhe and howl under the splashes of water.
– Come on, bitch! Come on! And here, we have not washed! – Squatting, he sent a strong stream of water between his mother’s apart legs.
The effect was unexpected, the old woman uttered a heart-rending cry, and her body was shaken by the convulsions of the strongest orgasm.
The man, in surprise, almost dropped the hose.
– Well, you give, lustful bitch! – He said surprised.
When the elderly woman came to her senses, her tormentor, putting a brush on her palm, began sprinkling soap on her body and rubbing it with a brush.
Then, pouring water over the old woman, the man began to rub her body strongly, washing away the foam.
The victim was writhing and moaning, her body began to burn from these cruel rubbing, and her skin became red, but from the whole, this procedure, she was again excited.
The sadist opened the faucet again and sent a stream of icy water to the heated body of his mother.
From surprise, the old woman screamed, but now, an orgasm has come in a few minutes of the icy soul.
The man, with pleasure, looked at his mother’s body, which was hanging powerlessly on a rope.
He went to the wall and, untiing the rope, slowly lowered the body of the old woman to the floor.
The old woman sprawled helplessly on the floor.
Her breasts seemed to be on the floor, and her butt was raised high, her legs stretched with ropes did not let him fall to the floor.
The sadist unhooked the hook and picked up the rope.
Clutching the handcuffs, he put the hands of a helpless woman behind her head.
Crouching down on the victim’s raised bottom, he pulled out a plug with a tail from her anus, and, sprinkling on his fingers, a little soap, the executioner began to knead and stretch her red, irritated anus with his fingers. Hidden cam latina sex.

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