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He immediately began to fuck me in the mouth.
I wrapped my arms around his waist and began to help him.
I eagerly began to suck his hard cock.

I felt the trembling of the sensation of my warm and moist mouth running through his body.
I sucked his dick very passionately and enthusiastically, sometimes taking breaks in order to lick his eggs or kiss his strong ass.
I am sure that it was a great show.
Three men fucked each other.
My dick has become even harder.
Eggs ached from sperm bursting them, seeking to escape a stormy fountain out.
My hips

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also began to move instinctively, imitating sexual intercourse.
Bill groaned to finish soon.
Pete energetically earned his lips and tongue, bringing Bill to the extreme ecstasy, which made him cry out loud.
He fired a shot of his hot sperm directly into Pete’s mouth.
Almost at the same moment, Pete’s body twitched and my mouth was filled with his sperm.
It was an unusual sensation.
My balls shook and I finished too.
When a hot liquid flooded my stomach, an involuntary groan of pleasure erupted from my chest.
Bill put Pete on his chest and kissed him gently.
We had a pleasant languor.
Bill spoke first.
“Money paid for good reason, Scotty.”
I sat on the bed.
I was so exhausted that I only had the strength to nod back.
Pete devotedly looked at Bil, stroked his chest and happily said: “I love you.”
I knew that these are pills, not him.
I smiled and said, “Pete, don’t say that.
You hardly know him.
“I love him,” Pete countered.
“He’s my friend now.
Yes, Bill? ”Bill nodded, looked at me with a smile, and shrugged.
He turned and ruffled Pete’s hair.
“Well done.
Good doing a blowjob.
Keep up the good work and we will be friends forever, baby.

“Natasha,” Aunt Tanya said, stumbling, after the second orgasm, which she reached, not without the help of my tongue and fingers, in a voice — remember, you promised that you would do everything about what I would ask you? on my face juices women.

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Aunt Tanya smiled tenderly at me and continued: “Natasha, we have one problem with my husband, Vanya,”
Vanya very much likes to have narrow butts, and you yourself know what a great friend he has.
So I’m afraid I let him use mine.
“It seems I understand what Aunt Tanya will ask me for,” I thought.
And he was right.
– Natasha, I really want to make Vanya happy.
Will you help me? Of course, I myself was afraid that Petrovich would tear my ass, but how could I refuse to Aunt Tanya? That’s right, no way! So we went to the next station.
Petrovich and Aunt Tanya were great hosts.
They were beautiful in the yard.
Everywhere in a large number of flowers grew colorful flowers and garden plants.
There were raspberries, currants of all varieties, and my apple tree.
His were filled with bliss, which he received from the movements of his dick in my ass.
The sweat from his hair and his face ran down my face and beard to my face, filling my forehead, my nose and my lips.
When a lot accumulated on his lips, I licked them, enjoying the salty taste of the man who now had me.
“Natasha, it’s so good,” Petrovich whispered in my ear and pulled away from me a little.
Removing my palms from my chest, Petrovich squeezed my nipples with his huge fingers.
It brought me sweet pain and I moaned even louder.
I put my hands on his face and stroked his hair-covered cheeks and chin.
When my fingers touched his lips, he opened his lips and I put them in his mouth.
Petrovich drove through them with his hot tongue, sucking and slightly biting them.
I stuck my fingers out of Petrovich’s mouth and buried my palms in his wet hair.
I wanted to kiss him.
And, pressing on the back of his head, he tried to bring his face closer to his.
But, Petrovich looked at his wife, and then whispered to me: “No, Natashka, I do not kiss with whores.
Even with people as good as you. ”
Somewhere deep in my heart I felt hurt by his words.
But, I understood perfectly that his words were fair.
For this man, I was no more than a whore.
And he treated me accordingly.
I threw back my head and looked at Aunt Tanya sitting less than a meter away.
She already took off her dress.
A nude woman stroked her beautiful breasts with one hand, occasionally squeezing her big pink nipples; the other – caressed her pussy that was wet from her own discharge, thrusting one or two fingers into it. Home webcams naked girls.

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