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But if one did it out of fear of the impending punishment, then the second is more likely from the desire to receive this punishment.
Svetlana Y., Irina Anatolyevna, I am surprised by your

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behavior yesterday.
You know that the schedule forbids public gatherings before the working week, there are Saturdays for this.

I am especially surprised by you, Svetlana Yuryevna.
You should have known this simple rule, since you have been working with us for quite some time.
As for you, Irina Anatolyevna, even though you have recently been working, you most likely read a set of rules for company employees when you received it.
Or not? I read, Sergey Vladimirovich, – whispered Irina.
Does not look like it.
But since you read, therefore, you intentionally went to violate these rules, right? Irina was silent.
And what could she say? What when reading these stupid rules, she still didn’t know what punishment awaited her in case of violation? I see you are silent, so you have nothing to say.
Well, ladies, you both know what to expect.
For this kind of violation of the guilty employee laid fifteen strikes with a rod.
But, given that you deliberately violated the rules, I, perhaps, will double this number.
Is everything clear to you? Yes, Sergey Vladimirovich, – the girls said in chorus.
In this case, Irina Anatolyevna, you wait in the waiting room, but let’s start with you, Svetlana Yuryevna! Irina, hardly breathing, slipped out of the office and gently closed the door behind her.
Faith, secretary Sergei Vladimirovich, was not, the boss sent her on some business.

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Irina sat on the edge of a leather sofa.
After a few minutes, muffled claps were heard moving with hollow moans.
And with much! Poor Sveta, look at how moos.
Ha, right now you yourself will moo, forgot? Damn, that’s stuck, so stuck! And why the hell did I agree ?! Now I would sit at the computer and work quietly! Aha, it seems finished, well Irka, hold on! ”The door opened and tearful Light came out of the office.
Er, this, go wait, she said sobbing.
– And I to the toilet.
Irina quietly asked: Does it hurt, Light? She was only able to nod her head and, no longer holding back her sobs, rushed to the toilet.
Irina, on cotton feet, entered the office, walked over to the table, and, looking at the floor, said a memorized phrase: Sergei Vladimirovich, I was guilty, punish me how you want it.
He nodded his head pretty: Very good, undress.
Taking off her clothes, Irina no longer covered herself with her hands, as last time.
What was the point if he had already seen her what is called in all guises.
When Sergei Vladimirovich approached her, she, without waiting for the order, put her hands back and opened her mouth wide for a gag.
And when he began to insert a ball of gag into her mouth, she once again saw how approving sparks flashed in his eyes.
This tacit approval so affected her that, standing at the table in a humiliating pose, she even tried to slightly butt her ass.
But when the first blow fell on her, Irina realized that today she had no sentiments.
It was not a ruler !!! Already after the third, she moaned plaintively, and after the tenth, she squirmed the whole table! Tears streamed down the face, all the skin was covered with a dull sweat, and all the blows fell! And suddenly everything was quiet, and Irina was ready to give up on the cut-off, that she had not received thirty blows.
In the ensuing silence, Sergei Vladimirovich’s voice rang out: Hmm, interesting.
Irina did not have time to think that the boss found such an interesting thing in a crucified naked woman, like, to her dismay, she felt that Sergey Vladimirovich’s fingers had touched her outer lips.
Hmm, really interesting, – Sergey Vladimirovich said again thoughtfully.
“Okay, let’s continue.”
And only Irina understood everything! And from this concept her cheeks were filled with a bright blush of shame. Horror sex full movie watch online.

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