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Having got her hands behind her back and folded them so that the cams in tight leather pouches rested against the inner bend of the elbows, the maidservants pressed them with a sleeve of thin leather and tightly laced it, after which the slave could not escape from these fetters.
The dress that Ilana was dressed in was already different: a narrow, floor-length skirt without folds and cuts, and a tight fitting corset made of thin rubber, instead of sleeves — a narrow pocket in which bound hands were placed, a high collar “under the throat”.
The servants had to put such tight clothes on their charges through their legs.

After that, an already familiar slave helmet was worn on the head, after removing the gag from the mouth.
The once-long and thick hair of Ilana was cut short and now stuck out with a funny “hedgehog”.

A wide leather collar with a shiny metal ring tightly wrapped around his throat, but not choked.
The girls gently but persistently put a pear-shaped gag in their mouths, attached by a narrow end to a wide leather lining, and they fastened straps around their necks.

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And at the very end of such vestments, Ilana was wearing a long white apron made of thick fabric with a wide breastplate and tightly tied at the waist.
At the slightest movement, the tightly fitting bib began to rub against the girl’s chest, through the thin fabric of the dress, exciting and without that becoming sensitive to any nipple touch.
Slave was ready! Having attached a short leather leash to the ring on the collar, the maids led her to the “throne room” to Mrs. Marianna, who decided when and what her slave girl would be doing.
In the early days, the girl tried to resist, protest against such humiliation, then she was put in an already familiar wheelchair, tied tightly to him and rolled in front of the clear eyes of the Hostess.
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