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In the castle there was something fascinating, erotic and sexy.
Your chambers are located on the second floor, the entire castle staff is at your disposal, at the moment you are the only visitor, if you need something you just need to ring the bell – the waiter spoke in a soft voice as we walked along the dark corridor.
Later, several more people will be settled in the castle, which are also registered in your name.

Your luggage will bring now.
Dinner will be in thirty minutes in the fireplace room, and only ordered for you.

And having accompanied me to the door of the room, he silently left.
The room consisted of several rooms, also made of stone and dark wood.
The rooms communicated among themselves with vaulted crossings with columns.
In the round central room the fireplace blazed in front of which lay the skin of some animal.
Feet buried in the carpet, the ancient work with a view of the hunt for a wild beast.
The whole view was supplemented with huge portiere of red-claret velvet, one of the doors in the bedroom was locked and was covered with the same drapes as the windows.

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I laid out my things, and, following the instructions Jeanne had written to me, I opened the box she had packed for me with me.
In the box was almost all of our impressive collection of sex toys, which we constantly collected and replenished.
Jeanne taught me to anal plugs.
At first I didn’t like it very much, it was a form of punishment.
For any wrongdoing, she inserted into me a cork of that size for the mood she was in.
The selection of these toys in our collection is very large.
And I went with this cork around the house, exactly as much as she considered necessary.
If I no longer wanted, and I tried to get it, then a more severe punishment awaited me.
And here is my favorite cork, black, medium, not very large in size.
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