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He could not live without her.
When he was refused a request, the angel surrendered his divine essence and turned into a disembodied spirit, like that girl.
Gradually, the half-angels descended lower and lower in development, the righteous image fed up with them.

And the sky began to drift away, until it completely disappeared into the unknown.
And the souls of the angel and that girl remained to wander.
Every few hundred years they are given the opportunity to lift the curse.
And it was Irina who moved into the Devil – that same girl.
She fell low, but she still loves me, and I love her too.
Each of us stood on different sides of the curtain.
It’s time for me to wrap up – remember the mission.
The light was on again, and time was running out again.
Alexey hurriedly rushed after the thermometer, wasn’t he hot, wasn’t he dreamed of? As it turned out, no.
It was all a harsh, mystical reality.
The sounds of running water in the shower subsided, and Irina, after putting on a surprise, fluttered out.
Alexey was dumbfounded when he saw a fiery-red, almost devilish-colored laced corset on Irina.
Underwear delicately

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emphasized her breasts, she seemed to be asking for caress.
The intimate place, covered with thin, almost weightless panties, caused a desire stronger than hellish.
Irina emanated an alluring, tart smell, slightly flavored with a timid fruit and berry aroma.
Going to her, Alexey began a little and timidly to remove all this beauty, he was almost at the peak of excitement.
The first thread of the corset, the second, the third.
Breast already invitingly fell out of the bra.
Irina’s breathing increased – the desire of a strong male body made itself felt.

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The fourth, the penultimate thread, already appeared nipples.
The literally blood-filled areoles and appealing points seemed to welcome Alexis.
The tightness was already unbearable, Irina wanted Alexey and impatiently helped to finish these calves’ tenderness as soon as possible.
And here is the last, fifth – Alexey carefully removed the corset and gradually began to pull down the panties.
Irina, already burning with passion, with an imperious hand, leaned his head against an intimate place, and the tender smell of a woman hit her in the head.
By the end pulling off his panties, Alexey got up, the excitement made itself felt, his fighter was ready for a long time.
But Irina, pushing him on the bed and laying on his back, with a trembling hand, groped for his penis.
Everything inside was already wet and itchy from languor.
Having directed him in the right direction, Irina began to sit down on it little by little, suddenly slumped to the end and gasped, unable to restrain herself, from the pleasure.
His hot flesh throbbed in her, and his body desired a dirty, but tender.
Irina began to sit down, feeling Alexey’s movements, and at the same time covered his hands with kisses.
Aleksey’s hands shifted to the girl’s chest, and her nipples gladly accepted the kind of affection they needed.
Slaps, groans, shouts, sighs – it seemed our heroes had already lost count of them, when suddenly Irina felt the approach of a warm, alluring-sweet wave.
Squeezing Alexey’s hands, caressing her breasts, the girl gave a long moan.
Alexey, who also experienced an orgasm, like Irina, did not stop.
He wanted more.
Having gently moved Irina on the tummy, our hero examined the so-called polygon of actions.
The girl was beautiful – her affectionate and languid bends smoothly flowed into a pumped up, but rather impressive and attractive ass.
Alexey continued to caress Irina, gently nibbled his ear, kissed her.
And my hands massaged my ass.
Alexey’s touch seemed to the girl to be something unearthly, they enveloped her body like molasses.
Sweet and stingy.
Ass Irina felt already tense body.
I wanted to feel it again in myself.
But our hero, bringing Irina to complete relaxation, went to the bathroom for a couple of minutes, grabbed a cream there and continued the massage, already rubbing the cream into the delicate, like morning dew, skin. Indian top models nude.

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