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Alternating the holes, she achieved what she felt as her friend’s body stiffened and bent and a powerful orgasm, which with its wave captured her too.
The convulsions continued for quite a long time. Katya did not notice how she had planted the bottle all the way, turning her hole into a wide hole.
Olga recovered slightly from her orgasm, got down from Sasha’s back and crouched behind him.

– Now and you slut would be nice.
She picked up the second bottle of cola and poured the remnants on his ass, then put her hand between his legs and began to lick the drops that had irrigated his ass.
The boy rather whined, trying his mouth more and more.
– That slut is good to you.
– Oh yeah! – Sasha managed to say a word, but Olgina’s hand again poked him into a member of his brother.
– Now you will be even more pleasant.

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Sasha felt the touch of a cold object to his anus, and realized that now he was also fucked with a bottle.
Olga pressed on the bottom and the bottle slowly, pushing the sphincter muscles, crawled along his rectum.
Whatever hurt him, she massaged him in front with her hand, when Sasha’s ass relaxed a little and the bottleneck could easily move back and forth, Olya started to work faster and with Sasha began to pour out the contents of her testicles into her tights.
– Your ass is ready for the members of real men: At this time, the crunch sounded and an elderly woman dressed in old worn clothes came out with a noise of pushing apart the branches of the bushes.
She saw a curious picture in front of her: four teenage children had sex, and two of them had a bottle sticking out of their ass.
“Well, at last I was lucky today, otherwise everything is burning inside,” she thought, and rubbed her hand, on which the name Lena was poked out in blue, blurry letters.

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In her head she had a burning hope of earning not only a bottle of vodka, but something else.
And she will not have to suck the members of taxi drivers and drunks, for it all these kids will do.
– I wonder what you are doing here.
She came close to them, children who were taken aback, and froze in their poses.
– What little do you like when you are hammered in the ass? Well answer when asked.
– I do not: – Clearly I used to indulge in this once, but I didn’t believe it was the most famous slut in our town.
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